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Airport parking

Airport parking

Save time and money by comparing airport parking deals for all UK airports

  • Pre-book your airport parking before you travel to save time and money
  • Compare prices for on- and off-site car parks from a wide range of providers
  • Start your day refreshed and relaxed, book an airport hotel or lounge to complement your trip


  • Why should I compare airport parking prices?

    If you've booked your flight and have decided to drive beforehand, compare airport parking to see if you can leave your car somewhere cheaper than the airport's own facilities, which can be extortionately expensive
    Rachel England, journalist
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Why choose Gocompare.com's airport parking comparison service?

With the help of Our Holiday Centre[1] you can compare airport parking deals for all UK airports, saving you time and money.

If you click the 'Get Prices' button above, our easy-to-use quotes form will ask you to name the airport you'll be leaving the vehicle at from a simple drop-down menu.

Select the date and time you require parking from, plus when you plan to return to collect the car.

Finally, let us know the number of adults, children and infants that'll be in the vehicle.

Our results page will present your parking choices, showing the price and airport terminal(s) served.

Each option is expandable to reveal the detailed information you need to make your decision, including car park location, distance from the terminal, directions, address, contact numbers, transfer frequency, minimal stay, and arrival and departure procedures.

Did you know...?

  • If you check in on time but are prevented from boarding as the plane is full the airline must offer you financial compensation
  • 35% of UK travellers find airports stressful[2]
  • Your car insurance may not cover you if there's an accident or incident when using valet parking

When you see an option that's right, click through to give your vehicle and flight details and to make a straightforward online purchase.

If you're struggling with the options, at every stage on our forms you'll see a phone number you can call for help, plus links to a 'contact us' page and to an FAQ section.

You can also try Gocompare.com's guides, where you'll find the answers to more frequently asked questions.

Our guides can help you with the definitions of the different options - short-term, long-term, on-airport, off-airport and meet-and-greet (also commonly referred to as valet parking).

Get help with choosing the right airport parking company, and learn more about security, the benefits of pre-booking, and other travel and money-saving tips.