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With the help of our partners broadbandchoices[1] you can compare the latest broadband or broadband bundle deals in one quick and easy search, giving you the chance to save money and find a package that does it for you.

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Just click the 'Get Prices' button above to enter your postcode and you'll be presented with a plethora of deals available in your area, including the option to bundle broadband with a TV package and home phone price plan, which could save you money and be more convenient. You can also choose to view fibre optic broadband

Clearly displayed will be the name of the provider, usage limits and the maximum speed, plus prices broken down by monthly line rental, monthly charge, one-off costs and first-year cost.

You can sort the results easily according to whichever factor is of most importance to you and view more details about the product.

When you see an option you like, you can either click through to purchase online or call the number provided to talk it through with an adviser.

Did you know...?

  • 82% of adults in the UK use the internet daily or every other day and 70% use their mobile phone to get online while out and about[2]
  • Electrical items such as routers and computers burn a lot of power even in standby mode - turn them off when they're not in use

If you feel that you need more information before making a decision, try our broadband guides, where you'll also find the answers to frequently asked questions.

The guides can help you with the basics, including what broadband is and how it works, what's available in your area, and the different sorts of broadband including ADSL, cable/fibre optic, satellite and mobile.

You can also read more about download caps, security, parental controls, line rental, the importance of first-year cost, upgrading, dongles, hardware, contract length, connection fees, monthly charges, customer service and technical support.

You'll find dedicated pages on bundles, broadband speed and how to boost it, wireless broadband (wi-fi) and student deals, as well as rural broadband options. Learn the difference between unlimited and 'truly unlimited' broadband, and check out our money-saving tips.