Business gas and electricity

With Make It Cheaper[1] you can compare prices for your business gas and electricity

  • See if you can switch to a cheaper business gas and electricity tariff
  • It's free of charge and there's no disruption to your supply when you switch
  • Make it Cheaper is independent, impartial and works with all energy companies


  • How can help with business energy?

    We help businesses understand when and if they can switch - depending on where they are with their current contract. Using the information on their utility bills, business owners can make a whole of market comparison and get the best deal for them - it's as easy as that
    Jeremy Cryer,
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How can we help you with your business energy needs today?

Utility bills are likely to be a major outgoing for your firm, yet many business owners get stuck in a cycle of auto-renewal of energy-supply contracts that may be costing them thousands of pounds.

Looking around for a better deal that could save money is easy with and our partners Make It Cheaper[1] who offer a personalised, independent and impartial service to help you find the right option. They will:

  • Guide you through the switching process
  • Advise on any action that needs to be taken
  • Provide a direct phone number to an adviser who can field your questions
  • Offer a free, no-obligation comparison of all business gas and electric suppliers

How do I compare and switch?

  • Find a recent bill
  • Either call 0844 409 9369 (calls should take no longer than 10 minutes) or click the "Continue" link above and complete the short form to request a call back
  • You will be quoted the best rates over the phone and by email
  • Choose to proceed and Make it Cheaper[1] will organise the contract with your new supplier
  • The switch over to the new contract should take four-to-six weeks
  • There will be no paperwork, and no disruption to your supply

Did you know...?

  • The average saving for business energy customers in 2013 was £1,242[2]

You can find out more by reading our business gas and electricity guides, where you'll also find the answers to frequently asked questions.

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