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  • Watch out for car hire excesses

    Excesses can be ferociously expensive and hire companies will offer you the opportunity to reduce that figure by paying an additional daily supplement - known as additional liability insurance, a collision damage waiver or theft protection - which can significantly bump up the total cost of hiring the car
    Rachel England, journalist
  • Do I need to pay extra for excess?

    You'll have to make a judgment call on that, but there are strong arguments for both sides. If you're on holiday you're already likely to be pinching the pennies, and such additional charges are likely to eat into your beer fund. However, an extra £15 or so a day is a small price to pay in the face of £1,000+ charges if the worst happens
    Rachel England, journalist
  • Inspect the car on pick up and return

    Thoroughly. That tiny scratch you didn't think worth mentioning when you picked it up could easily come back and bite you on the bottom when your credit card is unexpectedly charged. Make sure an inspection form is filled out when you're picking up and returning, and ensure the company is satisfied that everything's in order when you leave
    Rachel England, journalist
  • Should I buy petrol from the hire company?

    Some companies will 'sell' you a tank of petrol and expect the car to be returned empty, or will charge you for however much petrol you use from the tank. This is usually very expensive, so you're better off taking the car with a full tank and simply refilling it upon your return
    Rachel England, journalist
  • Safety and peace of mind

    Do some basic safety tests - check the brakes and handbrake work, make sure the seatbelts are in good condition and give the engine the once over. If you have any concerns, ask for an alternative model. Always ask for a phone number to call in case the car does break down
    Rachel England, journalist
  • Do pick up and drop off have to be at the same place?

    If your pick up and return destinations are different, be prepared to pay more for this, and have a slimmer choice of provider… Ask about mileage caps and border issues, too. Is there a limit to how many miles you can do, or where you can take the car? This is important if you're planning a serious road trip
    Rachel England, journalist
  • Should I give the hire company my passport?

    No. Some local car hire companies will ask you to surrender your passport by way of a guarantee to finalise a booking, but the UK Foreign Office, unsurprisingly, says that this is a definite no-no. Also bear in mind that hire cars are often easy targets for petty criminals, so take thorough precautions with security, and only ever pull over for police
    Rachel England, journalist
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With the help of[1] you can find a great deal on car hire at thousands of destinations worldwide, looking at the factors which matter most to you, and with the ability to choose between airport and city pick-ups.

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Our search results will then present the options which you can refine by car class - mini, economy compact, intermediate, standard, premium, full-size and luxury.

You can also refine the options to specify the number of doors, if you require a passenger van, an estate (wagon) or convertible, and whether or not you want air conditioning and a manual or automatic gearbox.

The results display an image of a typical car from the named class with a brief description of the deal and the price.

When you see an option you like, you can click on the 'show important information' button to see a more detailed description of the package showing what's included in the price, optional extras and fees, deposit and payment requirements, fuel policies, pick-up and drop-off rules, driver requirements and other key terms and conditions.

Did you know...?

  • Some companies won't give an exact indication of the excesses you're liable for until you've made a payment and arrived at the hire station
  • In North America it's illegal in some states to have opened containers of alcohol anywhere in your vehicle
  • In Spain failure to carry a reflective hazard triangle will be met with an on-the-spot fine
  • In France it's mandatory for all motorists to carry an unused breathalyser kit meeting French specifications

You can then choose to proceed and buy online, or there's the opportunity to purchase over the telephone, something you may have to do if you're booking car hire at the last minute.

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You can also try's guide pages, where you'll find the answers to more frequently asked questions.

Our guides provide help with the different types of vehicles available and on additional requirements to consider such as fuelling options, child seats, air conditioning, additional drivers, breakdown cover, sat-nav, driving across borders, and whether to choose a manual or automatic car.

Read more about whether to consider booking your car with your holiday, pick-up and drop-offs, mileage limits, driving licences, passports, why you may require a credit card to hire a car, excesses, inspections and insurance, and see if you find our guide to driving abroad to be of use.