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  • What does the ECJ gender ruling mean for women drivers?

    The European Court of Justice's gender ruling - in force from 21 December, 2012 - has meant that insurers can no longer make a gender distinction when calculating premiums. Amongst many changes, this has led to an increase in prices for young female drivers, who traditionally paid less than young men
    Sean Davies, Gocompare.com
  • Have you considered black box car insurance?

    There are some high-tech insurance options that women could consider to reduce the impact of the ECJ gender ruling. Telematics insurance, which involves having a GPS-enabled box fitted to your car, is like having an insurance broker sat in the car with you, checking how you drive, giving you tips on how to drive better
    Scott Kelly, car insurance expert
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Traditionally, women's car insurance tended to be cheaper than men's, based on the fact that women are statistically less likely to make a claim and that, when they do claim, the pay-outs are less expensive.

Did you know...?

  • Female-friendly insurers may offer added extras such as handbag insurance or priority breakdown cover
  • Before the ECJ ruling, 21% of female drivers said a European court should have no right to dictate laws which affect how much they pay for their car insurance[1]

But car insurance premiums for women have undergone a massive change following a European Court of Justice directive that made it illegal to use gender as a factor in determining insurance premiums.

Despite the ECJ ruling, you will still see female-friendly brands on the car insurance market as companies target their advertising at women in the hope of gaining more lower-risk drivers on their books.

"There's a good chance that your current insurer will have fundamentally changed the way they calculate their premiums since the gender directive," said motor insurance expert Scott Kelly.

"So you certainly shouldn't just roll-over your car insurance policy at renewal and accept the price quoted."