'Chelsea Tractor' nickname deserved, says survey

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  • | by Kristian Dando

Big, thirsty 4x4 vehicles are often called ‘Chelsea tractors’ thanks to their reputation for seeing zero off-road action and being primarily used for school runs and trips to the supermarket by the urban well-to-do.

But this nickname is more accurate than you might think, in light of new findings from women’s car insurance specialist Diamond which has revealed that the SW3 postcode in London has a higher concentration of this sort of vehicle than anywhere in the UK. In fact, almost one in five vehicles in the affluent London district is a 4x4.

Likewise, other well-heeled areas such as Cobham in Surrey - not exactly renowned for it’s rugged terrain and volatile climate - have a high proportion of 4x4s, while only two isolated Aberdeenshire areas, Banchory and Turiff, represent rural locations where a car like this might seem more appropriate.

Haulage contractors and farmers rank in the top three occupations who own 4x4s, as you might expect.

However, bank directors, property developers and stockbrokers feature in the top ten.

Men were also found to be more likely than women to drive a 4x4.

Diamond managing director, Elwyn Gedrych, said: "You'd expect farmers to be among the most likely to drive a 4x4 but the variety of other jobs in the list emphasises how popular 4x4s have become away from what they were originally designed for. Many people see them as a status symbol, and some people perceive them to be safer for passengers."

The top five most popular 4x4s are as follows:

1. Land Rover Range Rover

2. Land Rover Freelander

3. Honda CRV

4. Land Rover Discovery

5. BMW X5