Crappy Christmas!

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  • | by Kristian Dando
Although the temperature might be dropping, the race to complete Christmas shopping is fast heating up. But new research has found that Britain will collectively waste half a billion pounds on unwanted gifts this Christmas. Last year, 63 per cent of UK adults received one or more gifts they just didn't want, according to new research from  Although they estimated that the giver had spent on average over £11 on their present they were only left wanting once the wrapping paper had been removed. In total British adults were given over £473 million worth of unwanted presents last Christmas and nearly half of everyone surveyed begrudged what they had spent on a present once we'd seen what they were given in return. Toiletries, cheap perfume and aftershave top the list of unwanted presents, with around a quarter of people saving up their unwanted presents Both men and women do pretty well when buying gifts for their partners – with the exception of Scotland. Scottish gents said their wives were the worst for choosing them Christmas presents, making Scotland the only part of the UK where wives knocked mother-in-laws off of the top spot for badly chosen presents.  According to the poll, Mother-in-laws are the worst for giving bad presents closely followed by people’s own Mums and then Auntie. Granny comes next but not far behind are employers.  The perennial disappointments of socks and smellies make the top ten of terrible Christmas gifts, but books, CDs and DVDs are up there too. Other old non-favourites included ties, personally knitted items like jumpers and scarves and cheesy sports and motoring accessories. Three per cent of respondents said they'd got back as a present the very same thing they'd given the year before, while nine per cent of people would much rather the money spent on their bad gift was donated to a charity instead and this jumps to a generous 21 per cent of Scots.