Man rapped for speed camera warning

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  • | by Kristian Dando
When police speed cameras are out on patrol, it’s not unusual for drivers who have spotted the enforcement vans to flash their headlights at oncoming motorists to let them know what’s ahead. But for Grimsby driver Michael Thompson, 64, doing this landed him with a criminal conviction for obstructing a policewoman and £440 out of pocket in fines and legal costs after a court ruling yesterday. It also means a precedent has been set for other drivers to be punished for a seemingly innocent and public-spirited act. The presiding magistrate told Thompson: “We found that your flashing of your headlights was an obstruction, we found that you knew this action would cause vehicles to slow down and cause other motorists to avoid the speed trap and avoid prosecution. You wanted to make sure that people who were speeding slowed down.’” Thompson, who acted as his own lawyer, argued that he was performing a “civic duty,” which he believed would prevent accidents. He claimed that the police officer who had arrested him was “acting like Judge Dredd.” He intends to appeal the case.