Parking costs and ticket odds vary from city to city, says watchdog

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  • | by Kristian Dando
The price of parking your car and the chances of receiving a ticket depend heavily on where you live, according to research carried out by consumer watchdog Which? London councils were, by some distance, the most expensive places to park, and also the most likely places to receive a fine for parking incorrectly. In the West End of London, parking on a street was as expensive as £4.40 per hour, while in Coventry, it’s free. Manchester, Leeds and Edinburgh were found to be amongst the most expensive places for motorists to leave their cars. The research also found that nearly half of the eight million parking tickets issued in Britain every year are in London council areas. In Westminster, the London borough which issued more parking fines than anywhere else in the country, it was found that 80-90 per cent of disputes against the tickets were won.