Fuel duty is the tax Britons would most like to axe

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  • | by Kristian Dando
New research has revealed that fuel duty is the tax that Britons would most like to see the back of. The survey, conducted by professional advice website unbiased.co.uk, revealed that one in five taxpayers want an end to fuel duty, which is set to rise next month. Nineteen per cent of people surveyed would like to see to council tax abolished, while 12 per cent of people wanted to get rid of the TV license fee, which funds the BBC. Karen Barrett, chief executive of unbiased.co.uk said, "Everyone knows paying taxes is a fact of life, but it appears consumers are becoming increasingly irritated by hefty fuel prices, resulting in fuel duty making the top slot for taxes they want to abolish the most.  In reality we all know that getting rid of fuel duty is of very unlikely to ever happen, but there other things we can do to make a real impact on the amount of tax we are liable to pay.”