Pack it in

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  • | by Kristian Dando
The damage that smoking cigarettes has on a person’s physical health is well documented. It’s an expensive habit too, with packs of 20 cigarettes coming in at around £6 a pack nowadays. But aside from the money that can be saved by simply not buying cigarettes, there’s other savings to be made too. For instance, life insurance policies are generally cheaper for non-smokers. Luckily, many life insurers will be happy to consider you a non-smoker after a year of being cigarette-free. Smoking homeowners can also expect to see a few thousand pounds knocked off the price they get if they sell up, thanks to the redecoration and recarpeting needed to get rid of the smell.

Up in smoke: six in ten New Year smoking quitters have failed by the end of February

Around 2.2 million Britons made a New Year's resolution to give up smoking this year, according to new research from Santander Savings, but most will have seen their good intentions go up in smoke. The figures show that 59 per cent of smokers who make a New Year's resolution to quit fail in their attempt to kick the habit by the end of February. The company believes that binning a cigarette habit could save the average smoker £1,000. Ready to pack in smoking? Get free advice and health from the National Health Service’s Smokefree website.