Ten awesome ways to spend £325

Covered mag, presented by Gocompare.com
  • | by Kristian Dando

Gocompare.com reckons that the average customer saves £325* on the annual price of their car insurance by using its services. That’s not a figure to be sniffed at.

If you were to make this saving, you could do something sensible with the money you've saved, like putting it away in an ISA or using it to pay off any debts you might have. Then again, you could do something completely frivolous - or depending on your point of view - totally rad.

Gocompare.com News has racked its brain and come up with a few items to get you started. Got any better ideas? Email the editor with your suggestions.

Trainers and tasty ‘streetwear’ items

Who wouldn’t want their own set of ostentatious, personalised ‘hi-top’ sneakers? With £325 you can get a lot of footwear for your money at the Nike iD store. We’ve designed these bad boys, which came in at £90 – what can you come up with?  Your new footwear could do with some suitably ‘fresh’ garb to go with it.

Fierce heels

If your tastes are a bit more glamorous and, er, feminine, you could spend the £325 you might save at Gocompare.com on a pair of ‘killer’ heels, as sported by the ladies from TV’s Sex and the City.

A tandoor

A traditional Indian style charcoal-fired cooking device will make your barbeques go with a bang. You can cook pretty much anything in them, from naans to entire roast chickens. You may never use your kitchen ever again. The SS1 Deluxe tandoor can be bought for a shade under £300, leaving you with a few quid to stock up on meat, fish or whatever else tickles your fancy.

Festival tickets

The price of going to one of the major music festivals has risen exponentially over the past ten years, with a weekend pass to the big ones coming in at around £200, and most of them have sold out already. But £325 will comfortably get you a ticket to a smaller scale event like Herefordshire’s Nozstock plus plenty of cash left over for supplies.

A piece of robotic 80s nostalgia

You can pick up an original, boxed Transformers Scorponok toy - a huge robot which turns in to a scorpion and a battle station, who’s head comes off to turn in to a smaller robot - for a shade under £300. But you’ll need a whole lot more for the ‘holy grail’ of Transformers buffs: an unboxed Fortress Maximus, which will set you back a minimum of £750, unboxed.

Drive a tank

Workmates getting you down? ‘Austerity Britain’ getting too much to bear? What better way to release the stress than hurtling around a field in a tank. Northamptonshire military vehicle specialist Tanks-A lot offers whole-day packages for £235, leaving you plenty of money to get there and back and have enough left over for a fish supper when you get home.

Buy a slice of musical history

A large chunk of the £325 you may save with Gocompare.com could be spent on a super-rare edition of Genesis’ 1976 album A Trick In The Tail, the first to feature Phil Collins on lead vocals. Why wouldn’t you?

Get away…or have an at-home holiday

The princely sum of £325 can get you a surprisingly long way. If you’re intent on staying closer to home, then try somewhere off the beaten track. £325 could get you cheap flights somewhere further afield, too. On the other hand, you could just stay at home and spend the cash on going for fancy meals, drinks and going out on the razz.

Royal Wedding tat

Celebrate the union of Wills and Kate ‘K-Middy’ Middleton with a selection of tasteful trinkets. How about a three-dimensional laser-engraved glass sphere to get you started?

A set of duelling banjos

Instead of potentially spending £325 on car insurance, why not get yourself a banjo, and an additional one for a friend or partner in order to stage your own ‘duels,’ as seen in hit 1972 film Deliverance. At just £129 a pop, you’ll have plenty left over for a few lessons to get yourself up to speed.

*Based on Online independent research by Consumer Intelligence during 01 March 2011 to 31 March 2011. This average saving is achieved by 35.76 per cent of consumers.