Motorists could face on-the-spot fines for careless driving

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  • | by Kristian Dando
Police are to be given powers to fine dangerous drivers on the spot instead of taking them to court. Offences like tail-gating, undertaking, or cutting other drivers up, which usually go unpunished, will be targeted in order to make Britain’s roads safer The measures, likely to come into force by 2012, would see careless or dangerous drivers fined £80 on the spot and receive three penalty points on their licenses for offences such as these. But the measures have been criticised for being too simple. Chief executive at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, Simon Bird, said: "A strategy that punishes deliberate bad driving while allowing those who make simple human errors to improve has our full support. But we are concerned that issuing spot fines for careless driving could downgrade the offences and we will be monitoring the impact carefully."