BT to slash rural broadband wholesale costs

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  • | by Kristian Dando

There’s a lot to be said for country living – fresh air, peace and quiet, a distinct lack of congregations of threatening hooded ‘youths’ on street corners.

But when it comes to broadband, the countryside tends to be pretty lousy when compared to big towns and cities, with rural customers frequently getting paltry 8mbps connections or lower and paying over the odds for them because they’re unable to switch. But thanks to a ruling from communications watchdog Ofcom, millions of country households in the UK could see more choice in their broadband options.

The industry regulator has forced BT to slash its charges for wholesale broadband to other ISPs where its the sole provider 12 per cent.

This could mean that three million homes could get cheaper and faster broadband as a result. The charges will come into effect in mid-August this year and will run until March 2014.