The secret life of the average driver revealed

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  • | by Kristian Dando

Can you think of more spirit-sapping, frustrating and futile situations than being stuck in a traffic jam? Bet you can’t come up with many. Well, here’s a depressing statistical zinger – the average motorist wastes 100 days of their lives being stuck in traffic over the course of their 61.5 year motoring career.

It’s just one of the factual nuggets regarding what people get up to in their cars that has discovered in its study of the lifetime of the average driver. “Being able to drive a car involves so much more than getting from A to B – most folk conduct a lot of other business in their car,” said’s business development director John Miles, with a wink.

For instance, we discovered that the average Joe (or Josephine) will be lucky enough to go on around 15 dates in their car over the course of their lifetime, enjoying around 1,210 kisses. (Unfortunately, our research didn’t differentiate between pecks and full-blown snogs or ‘Frenchies’.)

The true extent of the car’s role as a mobile emotional hot-house has also been discovered – the average driver is set to have 381 blazing rows, barneys and general disagreements with their other half over the course of their motoring lifetime. People will cry in their car an average of 82 times.

We’ll also dice with danger on a relatively frequent basis, too – the average motorists will have 81 near misses, and be involved in about 35 minor bumps, scrapes or dings.

But perhaps the most sobering statistic is the one regarding radio usage – people will listen to the equivalent of 376 days of radio in their car…we dread to think how much of this is taken up by Chris Moyles in the morning.

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A breakdown of what folk do in the course of a motoring lifetime of 61.5 years....

  • Number of cars owned: 26
  • Miles driven: 292,986 miles
  • Visit garage to buy fuel: 2,645 times
  • Stuck in traffic: 9,348 times for 100 days 21 hrs and 7 mins
  • Made or answered a phone call: 2337 times
  • Checked phone for texts: 1292 times
  • Listens to the radio: 376 days 11 hrs 2 mins
  • Number of mear misses: 81
  • Number of minor accidents: 35
  • Broken down: 13 times
  • Suffered a flat tyre: 15 times
  • Visited a garage to get something fixed: 31 times
  • Filled car up with screen wash: 205 times
  • Replaced car accessories (windscreen wipers, oil, light bulbs etc): 39 times
  • Conducted routine car maintenance: 234 times
  • Driven someone on a date: 15 times
  • Flirted with other motorists: 68 times
  • Kissed a partner or date: 1,210 times
  • Spilled a drink in the car: 306 times
  • Eaten in the car: 1,093 times
  • Slept in the car: 39 times
  • Sang in the car: 4,879 times
  • Broken the speed limit: 18,165 times
  • Driven on the motorway: 7,705 times
  • Argued with a partner: 3,646 times
  • Cried in the car: 82 times
  • Applied make up / brushed hair: 363 times
  • Used Sat Nav: 4,539 times
  • Got lost in the car: 336 times