Ten ace songs about pets

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  • | by Kristian Dando

So far in our Ten Ace Songs series, we’ve covered money, cars and holidays. This week, we’re covering pets.

Following a bit of brain-racking we’ve come up with a list of occasionally kitsch songs which we think are pretty good. Well, mostly. As usual, we’ve created a Spotify playlist, too. What are your favourites?

Tom Jones – What’s New Pussycat?

Being a proudly Welsh company, we love a bit of Tom Jones at Gocompare Towers. This song comes from the 1967 Peter Sellers comedy of the same name.

The Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out?

Rated by Rolling Stone magazine as the third most irritating song ever committed to tape, the Baha Men’s novelty 2001 hit is still heard reverberating around sports stadiums to this very day.

Johnny Cash – Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog

Songs about pets are too often dripping in cloying sentimentality – not so Johnny Cash’s comic take on Jack H.Clement’s American folk number.

Chas & Dave – Rabbit

This isn’t strictly about bunnies, but we were desperate. Besides, this ‘rockney’ knees up classic is catchier than myxomatosis.

Nirvana – Polly

We had to get something in to represent avian pet owners, and this was the best we could come up with. We’ve opted for a raucous live version. Perhaps we could have gone with something from Welsh rockers Budgie instead?

The Osmonds – Crazy Horses

A bizarre stylistic departure for the Salt Lake City family troupe, this hard-rocking number from 1972 is the probably the rowdiest track in the Osmond's back catalogue.

Culture Club – Karma Chameleon

Reptiles are popular pets these days, so we had to find a song which repped our lizard-loving readers. Here’s one from Boy George and company from way back in 1983.

Al Wilson – The Snake

This track by the late American singer became a favourite in the Northern Soul clubs of Wigan, Blackpool and beyond. What do you mean it’s got a filthy subtext?

Michael Jackson – Ben

This oddly affecting account of a young boy’s friendship with a super-intelligent, megalomaniacal rodent was taken from a horror film of the same name.

Elvis Presley – Old Shep

This tearjerker about the life and death of a faithful, courageous family pet seems like the ideal way to close our selection. Hold back the sobs!


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