What’s in your glovebox?

Covered mag, presented by Gocompare.com
  • | by Kristian Dando

If your glovebox is anything like ours, it’ll be chock-full of personal curios and old cassettes, and one or two embarrassing items that you’d rather not talk about in a public forum.

But according to new research conducted by this very site, the average British motorist leaves £112 worth of kit in the glovebox of their car, with that figure rising to £278 when the you include the boot, too.

The most common goodies to be found in the gloveboxes of Great Britain include Satellite Navigation devices, mobile phones, wallets and purses. Other items which people said inhabited their car's glovebox range from the optimistic – condoms – to the downright yukky.

One driver said their glovebox was full of mice droppings. While the latter two items probably aren’t worth insuring, our research also found out that about 72 per cent of people don’t know if their car insurance covers what’s in their globebox if it gets stolen.

Gocompare.com’s Lee Griffin mused: "Most of us own a range of highly portable and desirable gadgets which are small enough to stash in our glove-box or boot while we pop to the shops. And it's all too easy to underestimate the value of the everyday items we carry around with us. Our survey revealed that on average we store nearly £300 worth of belongings in our cars - but most drivers are unaware what cover, if any, they have if their possessions are damaged or stolen while left in their vehicle.”

He continued: "The purpose of car insurance is to give you financial protection for your vehicle, not the stuff you keep inside it. As a consequence, cover for personal belongings is typically limited to fully comprehensive policies and restricted to around £100. Cover rarely extends to money or business goods or items not in a locked boot or other compartment. Also, claims are usually paid on an indemnity basis - so if you do need to make a claim a deduction will be made for wear and tear."

Lee concluded: "We would suggest that drivers check the terms of their car insurance policy to make sure they understand what cover they have. Finally, if you need to leave valuable items in your car, make sure they are out of sight and locked in the boot."