Some parents driving kids 200 miles a week

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  • | by Kristian Dando
Road-weary parents in Britain are averaging around 200 miles a week ferrying their children around, according to research from In a survey of 2,000 British parents, around 3 per cent answered that their children required over 200 miles of transportation a week, which is equivalent to about a third of the ground covered in a week by London cabbie. Going by the current price of fuel, this would add around £1,800 a year to a family’s fuel bill. The study found on average parents make three trips per week, covering 50.02 miles to transport their children to various events and activities. The report also found Dads will drive their children 10 more miles per week on average than Mums. Welsh parents recorded the highest average weekly mileage, of around 65 miles, whilst parents in the North East of England drive the least at 39.5 miles. Fewer than one in seven parents said they don’t drive their children to any events or activities at all, with some citing the high cost of running their vehicle as reason and using public transport instead. Surprisingly, parents in and amongst the dense traffic of Greater London will regularly clock up an average of 52.5 miles each week.