Fuel costs cause drivers to think twice

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  • | by Kristian Dando
Fuel prices and other motoring costs are rising all the time, and it seems that it’s having a big impact on the plans for drivers. The latest Used Car Market Report from British Car Auctions has revealed that motorists are planning on changing their cars less often, and cutting down on the amount they drive, with more than half of the 4,000 people surveyed responding that it was something they were considering. It seems that if and when they change cars, it’ll be for one which is more fuel efficient than their last one – 27 per cent surveyed said that they were looking for better efficiency in their next car. "If the latest predictions are realised, the used car market is going to see demand surge for smaller, fuel-efficient cars, as families continue to downsize in a bid to stretch their budget further,” said Tim Naylor of BCA. “We are already seeing demand for these cars outstrip supply, which means rising prices for low mileage, good quality stock” "With rising costs hitting households from every side and many wages frozen, it's no wonder that two out of five motorists would like to see a cut in fuel duty,” he continued. “But rather than waiting for that unlikely change, car owners are changing how often they drive, as well as what they drive, in a bid to combat costs."