Gocompare.com News' 2011 review - Part One

Covered mag, presented by Gocompare.com
  • | by Kristian Dando


We kicked the new year off by suggesting a few financial new year's resolutions. Did you stick to yours?

Segways were effectively banned from the public highway. Former MP and consummate ladies’ man Lembit Opik was amongst the dozen-or-so disgruntled enthusiasts.

In a blow to motorists' solidarity everywhere, a Grimsby man was convicted for warning fellow motorists of a police detection van. Boo, hiss, etc….

Kicking off what would be an all too familiar pattern for the year, energy firm E.On announced big price hikes. It was the first, but it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

Elsewhere, the government announced new measures to target uninsured motorists and we published a guide of what do if you need to make a home insurance claim.

Finally, there was the small matter of Gocompare.com scooping the ‘Most Irritating Advert 2010’ award from Marketing magazine. It was the second consecutive year we picked up the gong. Well done us.


Kristian Dando headed to rural Northamptonshire to see if a road-legal tank was the perfect vehicle for the so-called ‘age of austerity’. In other military vehicle-related news, a man in Oxford upset his neighbours with his own uniquely butch choice of personal transportation.

The Home Office launched a new website for people to check crime rates in their vicinity. Alas, the confounded thing buckled under the sheer volume of traffic on its first day. We think it’s working now, though.

In a Valentines’ Day special, Adair Cameron asked if the pre-nuptial agreement spelled the end of romance.

Go green and save,” implored ace freelance journalist Rachel England. The clever people reading heeded her advice.

Meanwhile, Maxine Frances Roper tackled the question of why Britain is so obsessed with home ownership.


The European Court of Justice flew in the face of common sense (in the opinion of many insurance industry insiders, anyway) and put an end to the practice of taking a persons’ gender into account when calculating the price of an annual car insurance policy. We scratched our chins and mulled over the decision.

Communications watchdog Ofcom was distinctly nonplussed by Britain’s broadband situation, publishing a report stating that few consumers actually get the rapid rates advertised.

In more watchdog news, Ofgem issued some fairly robust criticsm of the ‘Big Six’ energy companies. There was further ‘slamming’ when MPs turned their attention to the behaviour of insurance companies.

Perhaps anticipating a deluge of conceptions in the aftermath of Valentine’s Day, we published this guide to preparing financially for the arrival of a baby.

George ‘Gideon’ Osborne unleashed the annual budget, which apparently would leave us all £45 a year better off. We had a nice cup of tea and thought of a few ideas what you could spend yours on.

Kristian Dando got leathered up and issued this sage advice for motorcyclists returning from winter hibernation.

Finally, Dave Jenkins produced this excellent three-part guide to the secrets behind netting a used car.

Stay tuned for Part Two of our retrospective look at 2011, where we'll take a look at what went down on Gocompare.com News during April, May and June.