Gocompare.com News' 2011 review - Part Two

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  • | by Kristian Dando


Kristian Dando met the men (and women) behind the modfications and found that these perceived anti-social yobs of the highway are a largely sensible and pleasant bunch who just love their cars.

The dating game is ruddy expensive, right? Well, it needn’t be. Just read this super-spiffing guide to frugal seduction we published, from the fair hand of Rachel England.

Parking tickets are a right royal pain in the backside. This much is true. We took a look at how to stand yourself in good stead of a reprieve…

The AA published its annual insurance premium index, and it didn’t make for pleasant reading. The whopping 40 per cent rise in the cost of an annual car insurance policy was laid firmly at the door of Britain’s so-called ‘compensation culture’ and ambulance-chasing lawyers.

Some Gocompare.com users report savings of a whopping £325 on the price of an annual car insurance policy. We had a think of some ideas of what you could do with the money you might save, and designed our own pair of eye-wateringly rude hi-tops in the process.

The internet is fertile ground for scammers and charlatans preying on best-intentioned shoppers and sellers. Thank heavens then, for this useful guide to navigating the world of online retail from Maxine Frances Roper.


Certainly not for the first time, our editor put his dignity on the line in the name of a feature, when he went unto the retail breach to see if stamps were legal tender or not, and looked very silly whilst doing so.

Speaking of money myths, Rachel England produced this ace compendium of them from around the globe.

“I need a dollar,” sang Aloe Blacc in the annoying song of the same name. He could have done us all a favour and just read Maxine France Roper’s Six Easy Ways to Make Money instead.

Plans for on-the-spot fines for irksome driving behaviour such as tailgating and lane-hogging were afoot, the ABI declared bogus whiplash claims a right pain in the neck, and a volcanic eruption somewhere in Iceland caused a right royal pa-laver. Finally, Liberal Democrat MP Chris Huhne was in hot water over accusations that he passed on speeding points to his estranged wife….


Scottish Power turned out to be the latest of those dastardly energy companies to announce whopping great increases in prices. We implored you that loyalty doesn’t mean diddly squat when it comes to financial services, so have a think about switching.

The sun made a fleeting appearance, so we put out this guide to shopping for a used convertible bargain. Then it started chucking down with rain for two months.

If you were losing sleep about the new Continuous Insurance Enforcement legislation, then you needn’t have done -  we had it locked down.

Dave Jenkins went deep undercover into the world of three-wheeled car enthusiasts, coming face-to-face with a very British subculture. Meanwhile, Kristian Dando donned his best ‘Fluff’ Freeman voice and issued this list of ten ace songs about money.

Rachel England rummaged through her attic and found this excellent guide to making money at your local car boot sale.

Maintaining your car properly could save you money” advised Jon Severs, as the rest of us nodded sheepishly at the man in the garage as he explained why getting your motor roadworthy again will cost a fortune.

On the subject of things which cost a fortune, Kristian Dando asked the question of why festivals have got so expensive in the past ten years, and if punters were still getting value for money.

We reported the strange case of an American gentleman who’d admitted to enjoying a bit of hot nookie with, er, cars, then proceeded to ponder over the logistics of it all. The bloke in question also admitted to indulging in a spot of hanky panky with the helicopter off of TV’s Airwolf.

Missed Part One? Never fear – it’s right here. Stay tuned for Part Three and Four over the following weeks….