The Money Shot - 24th February 2012

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  • | by Kristian Dando

Tough gig

Regular concertgoers are no strangers to feeling a bit ripped off. Going to a ‘gig’ as we’re led to believe they’re referred to in youth parlance, can be a depressingly expensive affair – you’ll often pay upwards of £30 just to get in, have to pay in excess of £4 for a serving of tepid fizzy lager, jostle for space in the heavily branded venue (in which the sound quality is severely lacking and the band you’ve gone to watch look like very small people because they’re so far in the distance) only to have your view severely impeded by the innumerable berks in front of you ‘documenting’ the whole show on their iPhone to show their friends.

This week’s instalment of long-running Channel 4 documentary series Dispatches added further salt to the wounds of long-suffering pop pickers, when it exposed the practice of concert promoters being in cahoots with sone of the UK's biggest ‘fan to fan’ ticket reselling websites, Viagogo and Seatwave. It revealed that that major promoters allocate hundreds or even thousands of tickets to be sold through their website at well above face value, just a minute or two after they’ve gone on general sale.

Ed Parkinson, Viagogo director donned his tin hat and told BBC 6Music: “We provide a secure marketplace for people to buy and sell tickets – we ensure it’s legitimage and it’s there in time for the event. If anything goes wrong, you get your money back” he said. “The tickets come from a variety tickets. It’s the right thing to do to partner with the music industry – money goes back from reselling goes back into the industry.”

Concerts from Rhianna, Westlife and Coldplay, not to mention V Festival, have all had tickets sold in this manner, although if you ask us, we’d pay good money to avoid having to sit through any of these.

One disgruntled Twitter user sent the following message to Chris Martin and the boys. “Are you profiting from the #ticketscandal or is your promoter taking the p*^% out of you and your now-angry fans?” Legions of angry Coldplay fans descending en masse? Now there’s something which really doesn’t bear thinking about.

In the news this week

The OFT is to launch an investigation into payday loan firms. Uh oh - mortgages could get a lot pricier if Britain loses it’s prized AAA credit rating, say the ‘experts’. The FSA has raised a quizzical eyebrow to full mast at ID theft insurance. SSE has reduced the number of tariffs its offering, which might simplify things a bit for the consumer- no bad thing. It’s also launching a so-called ‘price-comparison’ tool on its website. It’ll never catch on.

2012 – A highways odyssey

Kent to Bristol can safely be described as a bit of a schlep in the car, but something needs to go seriously wrong for it to take upwards of 19 hours. Well, something did go terribly wrong for poor Maureen "Mo" Darvell, 83, who set out on the 175 mile trip in her Nissan Micra, with the intention of attending a relative's wedding.

Things started to go badly when she ended up in Bournemouth, 110 miles into her trip, before realising she’d taken a wrong turning and heading north. She stopped for some respite from her journey at a service station, before heading back on to the motorway…in the wrong lane. She was stopped by police in the fast lane of the Southbuond at 3.25am, after a tip-off from worried motorists.

Maureen’s driving days now look to be over – she’s been banned for 15 months, and will have to re-take her test again if she wants do drive – but she intends on trading her car in for a mobility scooter, anyway. The roads may well be a safer place for it.

On News this week…

It was Shrove Tuesday, so Rachel England rustled up this selection of tasty and resourceful recipes from the kitchen cupboard, showing there’s more to life than just pancakes.

Going ONCE, TWICE, THREE TIMES…Chris Pollitt, a man who’s bought and sold more cars than he’d care to mention, shows you how to set about bagging yourself a bargain at a auction.

And finally…

Young cinemagoers in South London were left shaken after a trailer for for 15-rated exorcism film The Devil Insider was shown before the matinee performance of animated romp Puss In Boots. The Cineworld Wandsworth deputy manager David Denyer said: “We can only apologise. I would be upset if my children had seen those trailers, which were meant for Underworld Awakening, the next film to be shown. We're investigating how this error happened and action will be taken if appropriate"

The Money Shot is away next week, but join us again on March 9th, for more of this sort of thing.