Let’s have a rummage around 2012’s ‘typical’ shopping basket

Covered mag, presented by Gocompare.com
  • | by Kristian Dando

We’re not sure about you, but the last time we popped down our  nearest supermarket we certainly didn’t come away with a basket of goods laden with tablet computers, vampire novels and bundles of internet and broadband packages .

Well, according to the Office of National Statistics’ annual consumer price index (CPI), these are just some of the items which comprise a ‘typical’ shopping basket in 2012. Of course, this is just convenient shorthand for qualifying our spending habits, but it certainly does conjure up a rather amusing image.

On the grocery front, ‘hot oat cereal’ (“Introduced to improve coverage of bread and cereals which has been identified as an under-represented area of the basket and represents a distinct market not currently covered,” says the ONS’s wittily-written guide) continental soft cheese and pineapple have all been added to a ‘typical’ basket, along with cans of stout.

Meanwhile, traditional British boiled sweets –sherbert lemons, kola kubes and pear drops and so forth – have been supplanted by new fangled foam additions, such as Haribos and Marks & Spencers’ ubiquitous Percy Pigs.

The popularity of Nando’s – beloved of hip young urban pop acts including Tinchy Stryder, Chipmunk and Tulisa out of The N-Dubz and X Factor – might also explain the introduction of chicken and chips to the nation’s basket.

Gocompare.com spokesman Anders Nilsson pondered: “Obviously everybody goes shopping, but we don’t all use baskets. I tend to use a trolley, for example. Not one of those big ones with the child seat, though, I find them cumbersome.” Anyway, you can read it all for yourselves here.