We’ve done a survey about irksome driving habits

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  • | by Kristian Dando

Last month, we ran a survey asking you which irritating driving habits annoy you the most.

Thousands of you took part, and here’s the results.

Slow driving: 13%

Tailgating: 27%

Not indicating: 21%

Hogging the middle lane:20%

Full beam fog lights: 8%

Cutting in: 11%

So, it would seem that tailgating – that pushy, driving-far-too-close-to-your-rear bumper maneuver (allegedly favoured by drivers of premium German car brands and white vans) – is by far and away the behaviour that bothers most of you. It was followed closely by hogging the middle lane of a motorway  -  as anybody who’s ever driven on the M5 South through Somerset and Devon can attest -  and not indicating.

Have we missed anything out? Send your emails with your most hated motoring habits to the editor.