SSE to raise prices by 9%

a gas hob with a blue flame, radiating heat
This will be getting about 9% more expensive if you're an SSE customer. Gah!
  • | by Kristian Dando

And so it begins. Again. Scottish and Southern Electricity (SSE) has revealed that it’ll be ramping up the price of its domestic gas and electricity prices by 9% on October 15th – just in time for the cold to start setting in.

The average customer will pay about £100 a year more than they would have done before.

SSE, which also trades as SWALEC and Scottish Hydro, pointed to “rising wholesale energy costs” as the reason that prices are on the march. Sometimes, Covered wonders whether they might want to cite “unstoppable legions of zombie communists descending on the oilfields of Siberia,” just to see if anybody noticed or batted an eyelid.

However SSE’s price rises look like they may be the exception rather than the norm.

“People will be worried about a run of price rises, but we see little evidence in the trends in wholesale prices or in the performance of companies, that would justify all suppliers following suit,” says Audrey Gallacher, director of energy at Consumer Focus.

‘We would urge anyone worried about their energy costs to shop around to try to find a better deal and ensure they are on the cheapest payment method. There are also free and discounted insulation and heating measures available from suppliers and under the Warm Front scheme which we would encourage people to take advantage of to cut their bills.”