What does the ECJ gender ruling mean for men's car insurance?

Cars - getting insured to drive one of these might get a bit cheaper for young fellas
"one thing that will remain constant for both women and men is the need to shop around for their car insurance" Scott Kelly, Gocompare.com
  • | by Kristian Dando

Historically, young male drivers have had high car insurance premiums compared to their female counterparts.

Even if you’re a mild-mannered milksop who wouldn’t even politely ask a goose to kindly step out of the way, let alone say ‘boo’ to it, insurers can sometimes seem like they assume young men without demonstrably safe driving histories are loutish accidents waiting to happen.

But this December, a ruling from the European Court of Justice will come into force which industry experts reckon will have a ‘seismic’ effect on car insurance prices. Things, it's safe to say, are about to change dramatically.

Now, insurers won’t be able to use a person’s sex when calculating a premium. Which, depending on your point of view, wantonly flicks ‘V’ signs in the face of common sense, or finally brings equality to a field which for too long has had vast and unfair discrepancies in price.

While young female drivers are set to experience increases in the price of their annual car insurance policy of about 25% (according to figures from the Association of British Insurers), men can expect a drop in the price of theirs – albeit of only 10%.

But that’s not all. Traditionally, it’s been possible for young  male drivers to bring down the cost of their insurance by adding a female driver to their policy. But this might now be a thing of the past, as a person’s gender will now have no bearing on the price they pay.

For more experienced drivers who have more on-road experience for insurers to base their quotes on, the results of the gender ruling are expected to be far less dramatic.

Scott Kelly, Gocompare.com’s head of car insurance, said: “Unisex rating is uncharted territory for insurers and we won't know the full impact until next year. However, one thing that will remain constant for both women and men is the need to shop around for their car insurance on a price comparison site like Gocompare.com to ensure that they get the cover they need at a competitive premium."

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