Animal fit club - the winners

Jack, the newly slimline spaniel
"Now he’s shed the pounds and he’s more like Jumping Jack Flash"
  • | by Kristian Dando

An eight year old dog called Jack has been named Britain’s best pet dieter.

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel shed a colossal 6.3kg (31% of his body weight) to take the crown, awarded by pet charity PDSA.

For the last six months, porky pets from across the UK have been battling the bulge with the help of PDSA Pet Fit Club, an annual competition of animal weight loss.

Making sure that your pet keeps to a healthy weight is good for their happiness, wellbeing and health – decreasing the likelihood of having to claim on your pet insurance, if you have it.

Anyway, let’s take a  closer look at the winner, and some other highly commended pets.

SLIMMING CHAMP: Jack Welch (8 year old male dog)




Total lost: 6.4kg (31% of body weight)

This morbidly obese Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was so huge, his new owners nicknamed him ‘Jumbo Jack’after they adopted the already podgy pooch in January. When he arrived at his new home he could hardly walk and was immediately put on a diet. Now he’s shed the pounds and he’s more like Jumping Jack Flash.

Billie Warren (12 year old male cat)




Total lost: 6.35kg (31% of body weight)

Black-and-white tom cat Billie has always had a bigger appetite than his other feline housemate, but years of helping himself to double portions meant he ballooned to nearly twice his ideal weight. Billie’s colossal weight loss has resulted in a slimmer, happier and healthier cat, and he’s said to be playing like a kitten again.

Billy Hunter (6 year old male dog)



Total lost: 2kg (23% of body weight)

This cuddly Cocker Spaniel from Airdriehas a passion for food, food and more food. He piled on the pounds until he struggled to climb stairs, so his owner decided to take action. Billy has shed his extra weight and now has a spring in his step, enjoying long walks without getting out of breath.

Fifi Bottomley (8 year old female cat) 


Total lost: 2kg (22% of body weight)

Black and white cat Fifi was rescued as a starving kitten by her first owner and her greedy nature is thought to be related to this early experience. She persuaded neighbours to feed her extra meals, and has even been known to steal bird food from the garden. Her weight ballooned  until she was morbidly obese, but since dieting she is much more active and playful. However, all the attention may have gone to her head, as her owner reports that the already sassy cat now has even more cattitude!

Bobby Magson (4 year old female rabbit)



Total lost: 0.69kg (29% of body weight)

This mini-lop rabbit had gradually piled on the pounds by stealing extra food  from her companion. Her enlarged dewlap (the fold of skin under the chin)meant she struggled to groom herself properly, and her owner was desperate to help her but didn’t know how.  Weight loss in rabbits must be very carefully managed, but with PDSA’s helps Bobby has transformed into a happy healthy bunny, and is now regularly spotted ‘binkying’!(A binky is seen as the ultimate expression of joy a rabbit can make, when they jump up and twist their body in mid-air)

Merlin Rogers (10 year old male dog)



Total lost: 11.15kg (26% of body wight)

This obese Border Collie used to love biscuits, but his extra bulk meant he had started to develop arthritis. Although he still has a habit of pinching food given
any opportunity, Merlin has succeeded with the vanishing act. His new slim-line figure means he is now much more active, healthy and happy.