The Money Shot - in defence of glamorous Wales

A Welsh Mining Valley in Song
A Welshman, yesterday
"a ‘one-bedroom flat in Wales’ could cover anything from a retirement property in Llandudno to a new-build apartment in Cardiff bay"
  • | by Kristian Dando

While the Money Shot stops short of waking up every day and thanking the lord it’s Welsh, it certainly has plenty of love for its roots.

After all, if it wasn’t for being from Wales, the Shot wouldn’t be blessed with its rich and fruity baritone singing voice, relentless tenacity, deep-rooted sense of injustice or that Snowdon-sized chip on its shoulder.

So, it was disappointed to read an article this week which incredulously reported that Wales – WALES, of all places! – is a buy-to-let hotspot, where landlords could expect bumper yields on properties.

“A one-bedroom flat in Wales may not be the most glamorous of property investments,” sniffed Simon Lambert of the Daily Mail, from an ivory tower somewhere deep in Kensington. “But it could deliver the best returns according to a new in-depth buy-to-let report.”

Incidentally, the article in question used a picture of some flats located a stone’s throw away from where one of the UK’s most internationally syndicated telly programmes is made.

Leaving aside the fact that a ‘one-bedroom flat in Wales’ could cover anything from a retirement property in Llandudno to a new-build apartment in Cardiff Bay, the Money Shot takes umbrage at this sort of thing. So, for the benefit of the Daily Mail and its readers, here are a few reasons why Wales is an entirely glamorous place.


Richard Burton and Liz Taylor

So glamorous he married Elizabeth Taylor. Twice.


Sam Warburton

The current PFA and PWA footballer of the year and the British and Irish Lions captain were in the same year in school at Whitchurch High in Cardiff.

(Photo: Welsh Assembly Government)


Shakin' Stevens

Currently enjoying a critical renaissance thanks to an unexpected influence on the new material from happening New York beat combo Vampire Weekend.


Last King of Wales

Hung out with Vikings. Razed Hereford to the ground. Killed his rivals and stole their wives. Forget all your wannabe ‘princes’ of Wales, this was the only dude to be king of ALL Wales.

(Photo: Institute of Welsh Affairs)


Katherine Jenkins

Sings a bit. Recently ran a marathon and looked nice while doing it, which some folk took exception to.

(Photo: Branestawm 2002)


Tom Jones

Big-lunged crooner who has to endure Jessie J every week. Respect.

(Photo: Burns!)


The Maggot

Tallest member of Goldie Lookin’ Chain.

(Photo: Elfie Take Pictures)


Gio Compario and llama

‘Nuff said.

(Photo: G.Compario)

So, there’s a few for starters. And with the news that Thames Water is consulting its customers to see if they would be happy drinking recycled sewage, Londoners may find that Wales – with its abundant rainfall and plentiful supplies of the wet stuff – might well be a rather nice place to be after all.


One of those ‘think tanks’ reckons that house prices could rise by 30% by 2015. Rejoice if you must, but look what happened the last time house prices got all expensive…

A spot of research from the Post Office reckons that petrol prices across Europe have shot up.

The energy companies have warned politicians that the new green initiative is too expensive, and could add up to £100 a year to power bills, according to the Financial Times.

Payday loan specialist Cashlady has been forced to pull bankruptcy-filing chanteuse Kerry Katona from its ads.

Manchester United fans can commemorate the career of Sir Alex Ferguson with MBMA’s new Champions Credit Card. With generous 0% terms, it’s the ideal tool for buying your prawn sandwiches.


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Once upon a time, the Money Shot pitched a script for a sitcom which went something like this…

“Hell-raising indie rocker and a damaged former child star pitch up together in a bohemian flat… with hilarious consequences!”

Funnily enough, it was never commissioned. But just a few years later, that fanciful idea has come to fruition… in real life.

Macaulay Culkin and Pete Doherty are reported to be sharing an apartment in Paris, with the Home Alone star and the former Libertines singer allegedly bonding over a love of acting and poetry.

Aside from the obvious implications for the poor sap who has to pay for landlord insurance, consider this for a moment – in 2003, Doherty was jailed for burgling former bandmate Carl Barat’s home.

Rumours abound that Culkin has already started preparing the flat in case his light-fingered flatmate decides to repeat the trick…

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