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Robbie Fowler
A property magnate, yesterday
"the website states in very, very small grey print at the bottom of the page that the Spice Boy himself won’t be at any of the events"
  • | by Kristian Dando

The property market is, in a way, a bit like a game of football. All right, well maybe it isn’t, but for the purpose of this week’s ‘Shot, suspend your disbelief for a moment and just go with this rather convoluted premise.

To succeed, you’ve got to time your moves to perfection. Possess nerves of steel. Snaffle up the most unlikely opportunities and capitalise on them. Having a ruddy good agent helps, too.

Robert Bernard Fowler – the former Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester City striker turned media personality – certainly exhibited a few of these qualities during his illustrious playing career.

A razor-sharp finisher, he banged in 120 goals for Liverpool between 1993 and 2001. He didn’t just have a nose for a goal – and no, we’re not alluding to that celebration or his predilection for those funny nasal plasters – he was a dab hand at sniffing out an opportunity on the property market, too.

In fact, in his latter career as a jobbing journeyman striker where he pitched up at obscure, isolated minnows like Perth Glory, Muangthong United and Cardiff City, he was probably more famous for his impressive property portfolio than his increasingly waddling performances on the pitch. Bluebirds fans in particular will look back on the days of him and a creaking Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink teaming up to form the Championship’s least mobile (and most expensive) strike force with a shudder. At least nobody could ever doubt their, er, hunger.

Still, having a stadium of Manchester City fans singing “we all live in a Robbie Fowler house” in tribute to his prowess as a buy-to-let magnate takes some doing. And now, the great unwashed – you and me, basically – have the chance to learn a thing or two from the man himself – sort of. Behold!

However, any star-struck Koppite turning up to one of the Robbie Fowler Property Academy’s free taster sessions for a glimpse of their idol may well be disappointed. The website states in very, very small grey print at the bottom of the page that the Spice Boy himself won’t be at any of the events. And if a report in the Independent is anything to be believed, the session consists of nothing more than a sales pitch for a £997 course which attendees are encouraged to whack on their credit card. It leads the Money Shot’s ever-quizzical eyebrow to be raised to full mast.

Still, if the chance to learn all about raising finance, spotting opportunities and (presumably) the importance of landlord insurance from an emissary of the man Liverpool fans called ‘God’ tickles your fancy, you’d best get your skates on. But tread carefully – if something sounds too good to be true, then it usually is.


The FCA has ‘urged’ insurers to think twice about how they sell legal cover on car insurance policies. The watchdog formerly known as the FSA reckons that 80% of customers don’t understand it, and sign up after reading “alarming and misleading” adverts. If you want to get a bit more familiar with the complexities of legal cover, then step this way.

The chairman of potentially troublesome-to-pronounce-after-a-lager-top water watchdog Ofwat has said that water company’s tax affairs and profits are “morally questionable”.

The Association of British Insurers reckons that pet insurance firms are paying out about £1.2m a day.

More unpleasantness continues to seep out of the PPI debacle – a Times investigation has found that contractors hired by Lloyds’s largest PPI complaint-handling unit were taught how to fiddle the system, to the detriment of clients.


Country bumpkin turned city slicker Rachel England chewed over the merits (or otherwise) of buying and renting in the big smoke as compared to the ‘shires.

If for some perverse reason you wanted to invalidate your travel insurance policy, then you should definitely read this guide to the best ways to go about it.

Motorcycle touring in the UK is brilliant. Here’s a brief guide on how to do it safely.

And finally

There was much fanfare this week regarding the launch of the new Mac Pro at the glitzy E3 ‘tech’ summit in California. While it’s undoubtedly a mind-melting bit of kit, the Money Shot can’t help but think it’s seen it somewhere before…

Mac Pro as Dusty Bin

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