The Money Shot – Sky-high energy costs and combustible rhubarb

Cannabis factory Image: Derbyshire Constabulary
Marjorie had wondered why Bernard was spending so much time in his potting shed (Photo: Derbyshire Constabulary)
“If you’re going to build a draw farm, you’re playing with fire" Eggsy, Goldie Lookin' Chain rapper
  • | by Kristian Dando

What’s making your energy bills so expensive? Well, according to Ofgem, the energy industry watchdog, farmers cultivating whopping amounts of mind-bending street drug cannabis are adding £7 to everyone’s bill every year. Ye gods!

While electricity is something that’s quite difficult to steal – you can’t exactly just slip it under your jumper, after all – it seems that loads of aspiring Howard Marks types have been tapping into the grid to grow the drug, beloved of the likes of B-Real out of Cypress Hill, Snoop ‘Doggy’ Dogg and Cheech and Chong.

Considering the vast amount of power required to keep a drug farm operational – around 30 times that of a bog-standard terraced house – it’s not surprising that farmers bypass the energy companies altogether. After all, one of the primary ways police are alerted to weed farms is by suspiciously high electricity bills.

If you've ever fallen foul of lousy customer service or a wallet-jiggering bill from one of the 'big six', you probably won't begrudge somebody getting one over on an energy firm. But DIY wiring jobs conducted by cannabis farmers are (as you’d imagine) a bit shonky. This means that grow operations often catch fire, which isn’t good news for neighbours or buy-to-let landlords, who’ll often find that their property's walls have knocked through and wiring left in a state by the farmers.

In fact, back in 2011, insurer Aviva reported a 30% increase in ganja-related home insurance claims, which are often thrown out like rancid old bong water. Insurers trot out a variety of reasons for turning claims down - from landlords not taking sufficient care of their property to the house being used for ‘commercial’ purposes.

We got on the blower to Eggsy, a key member of Goldie Lookin’ Chain - the Newport rap crew who’ve been known to drop the odd reference to ‘the chronic’ into their rhymes – to get the, er, score….

“If you’re going to build a draw farm, you’re playing with fire,” said Eggsy. “It’s a shame we live in a society in which this sort of thing has to happen because the government can’t regulate it properly. Cannabis is seen as just something that teenagers get high off, but there are loads of other benefits, like those for cancer patients and MS sufferers. It’s just a shame that it’s got to be grown by some bloke in a shed. It’s a dangerous game because it’s been pushed underground."

The ’21 Ounces’ hitmaker continued: “One of the weirdest things that I’ve ever seen was after a show. This guy who was a barrister came up to me and showed me a picture of this cannabis farm he was involved with, in this massive warehouse. He was a smart, well-to-do guy, not some fella in a tie-dye t-shirt, and was totally open about it. It was a real eye-opener. It just goes to show that it’s everywhere.”

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