Energised by Fix the Shift

The energy initiative sparked wild scenes of celebration at Gocompare.com Towers (Photo: jakub_hla, Flickr)
"The energy industry has been slow to introduce any significant improvements that will make shopping around easier" Gocompare.com energy groupie Jeremy Cryer
  • | by Sean Davies

All you wacky fans of price comparison-based engaging content may've noticed that we've got a few favourite themes here at Gocompare.com Towers.

Switching, simply, easily, quickly... you know, that kinda stuff.

Well, imagine the kerfuffle here this week as the national media got on board with energy company First Utility's Fix the Switch campaign, designed to simplify the process of switching your gas and electricity supplier, with a target of an easy, quick changeover within a day rather than the current four-to-six weeks.

Such squeals of excitement have not been heard in this part of Newport since the rumour spread that One Direction were coming to visit Duffryn High.

After we calmed him down with some sweet, milky tea and elevator music, our very own energy-groupie and Harry Styles lookalike Jeremy Cryer (pictured) welcomed the Fix the Switch initiative with open arms and, perhaps, legs:

Jeremy Cryer

"Most contract-based services have worked hard to simplify the switching process - from current accounts, to home phones and broadband, to mobile tariffs," said Cryer.

"But the energy industry has been slow to introduce any significant improvements that will make shopping around easier.

"While it takes only a matter of minutes to compare energy tariffs and find a good deal, it typically takes around four-to-six weeks to actually be transferred to your new supplier.

"This can be off-putting to consumers, adding to their reluctance to switch in the first place, and could result in lots of people paying way more for their gas and electricity than they should be.

"Not only that, but this delay could see some people paying over the odds for their energy during this switching period, when really they should be able to benefit from their new tariff immediately.

"So long as the switching process is handled appropriately by the energy companies, and customers aren't tied in or penalised with unfair cancellation charges, then a shorter, swifter transfer process can only be a good thing.

"We've already seen how the new current account switching service has resulted in a flurry of activity from the banks, keen to both attract new customers and keep existing ones.

"Something like this could help encourage energy suppliers to keep prices competitive, and enable consumer to hold their energy suppliers to account in the most effective way - by taking their business elsewhere if they're not happy."