The Money Shot – going underground

Image of a hole
Police waited patiently for the thieves to resurface
"the police are appealing for members of the public who have spotted people acting suspiciously, and possibly covered in dirt"
  • | by Kristian Dando

The following story is best read whilst listening to this.

Crime, as we all know, doesn’t pay. However, every now and then some ‘crims’ pull off a stunt which is so daft that the Money Shot feels compelled to cover it – not out of admiration, but in pure slack-jawed amazement at its sheer audacity. Today is one of those days.

So, to Eccles, where thieves made off with £80,000 from a Tesco cashpoint last Friday… By channelling the spirit of Fantastic Mr Fox and digging a 15ft tunnel underneath it.

Local cops said that the burrowing thieves could have spent “months” constructing the tunnel. It’s thought it might be connected to a similar heist at Fallowfield Shopping Precinct in January 2012.

Handily, the police are appealing for members of the public who have spotted people “acting suspiciously and possibly covered in dirt.”

This caper, dastardly as it was, at least showed a bit of creativity. (GENTLE NOTICE: THIS SORT OF STUNT SHOULD NEVER BE ATTEMPTED BY ANYONE - law abidement ed). But common theft is depressingly rife at the moment, with LV reporting that someone falls victim to pickpocketing or bag theft every three minutes. Police data shows that pickpocketing, mugging and theft from a person rose in 2013 on 2012.

Selwyn Fernandes, Managing Director of LV home insurance, opined: “The continued popularity of small gadgets, which have a high value and can be easily sold on, has led to an increasing number of personal robbery attacks in recent years. With an average bag and contents worth around £316, they are a tempting target for most thieves. Theft away from the home is not covered as standard on most home insurance policies and it is worth checking that you have the right cover for your belongings should the worst happen.”

Short change – Money News in Brief

The budget happened. Bluff your way through tedious watercooler chat about it with this.

Plans are afoot from the government to make people in flood-hit areas make their homes more resilient to future deluges as part of the Flood Re scheme.

Research from Churchill found that nearly half a million nuisance complaints about neighbours were made last year.

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"He is so kind and gentle, he would wonder where we had gone if we left him behind,"  said Simon.

Oh, we forgot to mention that Jeffrey – who, amazingly, was a gift for their son several years ago – also likes a pint. A local landlord will bring the contents of the drip tray over for Jeffrey to enjoy of an afternoon. How about that then?

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