Dogs rule on social 'petworking'

Laptop dog
Alfie spent his evening Facebook stalking next door's tabby cat
"17% admitted that their own Facebook and Twitter accounts are filled with pictures of their animal's adventures"
  • | by Emily Bater

Does your tortoise have a Twitter account or your fish a Facebook profile?

If  the answer is yes, then you're one of 7% of UK pet owners who have created a social media account for their pet, according to research by

'Social petworking', as it's become known, is seeing some animals running way ahead of their owners when it comes to online followings. And while only a small portion are actually making a social media profile for their pets, 17% admitted that their own Facebook and Twitter accounts are filled with pictures of their animal's adventures.

Dogs seem to be Twitter users' best friends - according to the research, between  4 February and 6 March, 2014, there were 2,323,567 tweets referencing canines, compared to 1,713,613 relating to cats.

It could even be argued that the popularity of social media (nay, the internet) is down to our love of sharing pictures and stories about our furry friends.

So who are the top pets to follow on social networks? Here's our pick...


Sockington the cat belongs to American archivist and historian Jason Scott and has amassed over 1.3 million Twitter followers - more than all leaders of the UK's most high-profile political parties combined (David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband). And he's cuter, too.


Boo, the self-professed cutest dog in the world, has amassed a ridiculous Facebook following of 11 million. Boo has inspired merchandise, books and millions of loving fans.

My sad cat/My smug cat

Tom Cox is a writer and the owner of the Bear - a sad cat whose existential crises and malaises characterise his Twitter presence and make his 74,000 odd followers laugh on a daily basis.

His other cat - a smug one, as it happens - is called Ralph and both are the stars of Cox's books, which are all centred round his cats.


It's no surprise that a dog owned by the Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has his own profile on the social network. Beast is a Puli, which is a type of Hungarian Sheepdog.

This hairy lad likes nothing more than "cuddling and herding things", according to his official bio. Join Beast's 1.8 million other followers and see pictures of him blending in seamlessly with rugs.

Maggie May

Andy Murray's border terrier Maggie boasts a respectable 27,000 Twitter followers - you can see pictures of her travels with her canine pals, courtesy of Murray's other half Kim Sears.

Bronx Zoo's Cobra

If dogs and cats aren't your thing, Bronx Zoo's Cobra tweets regularly from his home in New York to his 176,000 followers and follows just one person - the sign of a true Twitter celebrity.

Have you created a social media account for your pet? Give us a bark or meow on Facebook or Twitter.