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Budgie smugglers
Budgie smuggling - stop this barbarism now
"Smuggling can obviously lead to criminal charges which could make it difficult to travel to other countries in the future," Caroline Lloyd,
  • | by Kristian Dando

Did you watch Jamaica Inn on the telly? If you're into costume dramas, you probably did.

If you made it past the mumbling, it was a lavish adaptation of the book of the same name which concerns the smuggling trade in Cornwall 'back in the day'. And, never one to miss a chance to shamelessly hitch itself to a passing bandwagon, it's got the Money Shot thinking about contraband.

Fortunately, the survey jockeys at have put together a poll on latter-day smuggling, and the results may cause you some alarm.

It turns out that one in five people surveyed admitted to smuggling tabs, booze and live animals through customs. We've even heard shocking reports of people smuggling live budgies in tight swimming trunks (pictured), a truly barbaric practice - the RSPB must do something at once.

The survey also found that men are more than twice as likely to sneak something past customs as women, and pensioners are three times more likely to get away with it than young people.

One particularly concerning fact gleaned from the survey was that holidaymakers are equally as likely to smuggle knives or guns back into the country as they are 'rhythm' vids - weapons and porn were the joint 10th most-smuggled items, with 4% of respondents saying they'd managed to get them through the 'Nothing to Declare' aisle, and over half of the people saying they'd do it again.

Caroline Lloyd,'s resident travel buff, mulled: "Understanding what you can and can't take through customs can be a complicated business, but to learn that one in five UK holidaymakers had knowingly smuggled cigarettes, alcohol and other goods through customs was a shock.

"Although most holidaymakers caught out by customs officials either paid the duty, had their goods confiscated or received a caution, more serious smuggling can obviously lead to criminal charges which could make it difficult to travel to other countries in the future."

Anyway, here's a list of the goods most frequently smuggled by UK holidaymakers, should you be interested.

  1. Cigarettes (46%)
  2. Alcohol (29%)
  3. Cigars and other tobacco products (25%)
  4. Perfume and after-shave (15%)
  5. Electronic gadgets (13%)
  6. Controlled foods such as fruit, vegetables and meat products (10%)
  7. Cash (9%)
  8. Marijuana and other controlled drugs (6%)/Live plants (6%)
  9. Live animals (4%)/Pornography (4%)/Weapons (4%)

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