The Money Shot – could it be magic?

Image of Gary Barlow
Don't worry Gary, we've got you covered (Image: Kokaloka)
"I wanted someone to look after everything, from negotiating and buying my houses to ensuring my electricity wasn’t cut off if I was away from home for six weeks,” Gary Barlow
  • | by Kristian Dando

Gary Barlow is good at many things. Penning timeless pop hits, principally. In recent years he’s also shown himself to be a dab hand at organising celebrations for the Queen, judging TV talent shows and staying off the pies.

But it turns out that Gary isn’t particularly good with money. Amassing it, perhaps. But when it comes to the real nitty-gritty – paying bills on time, comparing car insurance, you get the picture – the ‘Could it be magic?’ hitmaker falls some way short, by his own admission.

In case you haven’t heard, Barlow is currently embroiled in a nasty tax avoidance row, which has escalated into a clamour for the crooner to hand back his OBE. Barlow’s apparent poor grasp of money, as documented in his autobiography ‘My Take’, could be to blame for this indiscretion.

“My financial affairs were chaotic,” confided the star in his 2006 bestseller. “As a band we were well advised, but personally things were a mess. I wanted someone to look after everything, from negotiating and buying my houses to ensuring my electricity wasn’t cut off if I was away from home for six weeks.”

It sounds like Gary could do with a better steer on money matters, so we’ve put together a quick and handy guide to help him whip his finances into shape.


… To always compare car insurance, that is!

Loyalty is seldom rewarded by insurers when the time comes to renew your policy. In fact, 74% of people may have missed out on saving money by sticking with their insurer in 2013, according to


You could cut the cost of re-lighting YOUR fire this winter – well, if it’s powered by gas or electricity – by comparing energy suppliers and switching. Plenty of people already have – between 2011 and 2013, 46% of UK households switched energy suppliers, according to


… To compare a broad range of stuff which you could save money on with With everything from car insurance and breakdown cover to home insurance, travel insurance and credit cards on offer, it’s a veritable cornucopia of potential savings. So what are you waiting for?


According to a bit of research from, one in seven UK consumers have never switched anything and could be missing out on savings to the tune (something our Gary knows his way around) of hundreds of pounds.. Fancy that.

Short change – money news in brief

It’s been four years since the coalition government started work. How has it been for you?

E.On has been slapped with a £12m fine for mis-selling energy products to vulnerable customers.

Balance transfer card customers are losing money hand-over-fist by not paying their balances back in time, according to savings site Zopa.

One in five university graduates goes on to be a millionaire, according to the Office of National Statistics. Hmmm.

New ‘vein scan’ cashpoints are being trialled in Poland.

And finally

Speaking of cash machines, there have been some unedifying pictures of a couple engaged in a steamy clinch next to an ATM in Oviedo, northern Spain, doing the rounds on the internet this week.

The amorous young couple’s tryst was eventually ended after a policeman intervened, marching into the bank and presumably instructing them to make a withdrawal and get out.

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