Ideal Home Show at Christmas: Manchester day three

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It's the third and final day of the Ideal Home Show at Christmas!
"Let us know what you think with the hashtag #Llandofxmas..."
  • | by Abbie Laughton-Coles

The Ideal Home Show at Christmas has completed its final day in Manchester. Here's all Sunday's action, brought to you by Abbie Laughton-Coles. Let us know what you think with the hashtag #Llandofxmas...

Read how yesterday unfolded in our day two blog and check out some things to look out for at the show, including tech you never knew you needed.


The day has got off to another stellar start as a brass band welcomes revellers to the non-stop festive party that is the Ideal Home Show at Christmas.

Stall holders scrabble to set up their pitch for the last day of what has been an awesome event and we're a little sad to see it come to an end.

The man from the sausage stand shouts his daily refrain of "yeah baby!" and we set off to see what else is in store for us today.



As a demonstration on how to cook the perfect turkey comes to an end, we head over to the tasting area to hopefully try some.

The bird is ceremoniously brought over for carving, but we can't get near it because of the 40-person queue which springs up suddenly. However, from the satisfied noises coming from the lucky ones who managed to get in on the action, we can assume it was as moist as promised.


By now we really have the festive bug, so we searched far and wide across the whole exhibition centre for a stall so packed full of Christmas spirit it'll blow your mind.

And the winner is without a doubt (drum roll please)…Hamleys. Well played guys.




Desperate to soak up the remaining few hours of festive goodness, we head to the Christmas theatre to see what delights are being created today.

And we're in luck! Neil Whittaker, the UK and Ireland's Interflora florist of the year, is back in action. He's making a spectacular centre piece that wouldn't look out of place at a royal wedding, all in around 20 minutes.

This is one talented man… and we love his choice of jumper, too.


We're starting to pack up our stall to make the long journey back to HQ, and we're feeling quite reflective about our time at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas in Manchester.

It's been a great three days and we're now fully in a (somewhat premature) jolly mood, looking forward to the start of December (only 14 days). So what have we learnt whilst on our epic weekend? Well, we're glad you asked.

  • It's never too early to get your antlers out and stick up the tinsel (as long as it's pastel pink to stay bang on trend this year).
  • No-one can resist the temptation of a hog roast - it regularly had people queuing up around the corner for their piggy treat.
  • Vibrating boards are big news in weight loss, with at least four stalls encouraging people to shake what their mother gave them in a bid to tone up.
  • Crafts are easier than they look... although we'll reserve judgement on this until we actually try them out back home.
  • No event is complete without a pub on a bus. All aboard!

So, alas, we bid you adieu until… Wednesday, when we'll be at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas in Earls Court.