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Andre and Jessie replaced their Friday date nights with getting-shredded Saturdays
"If there was a competition for the world's best looking couple, I would sign up right now" Buck Miller, hench dude
  • | by Abbie Laughton-Coles

With the arrival of a new year, so comes the endless barrage of people sharing their new exercise regime or juicing plan via social media. You've even thought about joining yourself… well, until Barbara brought that gateau into work.

However there's a couple who have no problem skipping the sweet treats. A couple for whom #eatcleantraindirty isn't just a hashtag, it's their raison d'etre. A couple who don't just have a #legday like mere mortals, they lead a #leglife.

Step forward (if you can, after all those squats) Buck and Michelle Miller, who revealed they spend a vein-poppingly large £50,000 a year on maintaining their honed and toned bodybuilding physiques.

The personal trainer husband and wife from Las Vegas met while supporting friends at a body building competition in 2012 and it was love at first flex. What exactly drew Buck to the lovely Michelle? "I've always been attracted to muscly women and her quads are amazing." Try putting that on a Valentine's card, Hallmark!

So how far does £4,000 a month go towards getting ripped? Well there's £500 on supplements, £1,000 on organic food (they eat six meals a day) and £2,250 on cosmetics, hair and nails, to name but a few expenses.

But the self-confessed 'power couple' obviously think it's worth it: "Bodybuilding has made me into a better person. I feel great about myself, also I motivate and inspire people," said Buck modestly. "If there was a competition for the world's best-looking couple. I would sign up right now."

If you aren't willing to fork out £95 a month on a gym membership to get hench, there is somewhere you can turn for free inspiration and advice. A place where you'll be welcomed into their muscly bosom and given a cool glass of protein shake, no questions asked. Yes, we're talking about Twitter – here are just a smattering of our fave #fitspo tweets…

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News in brief

The Centre of Economic and Business Research has released figures showing that the cost of raising a child to the age of 21 has risen to £230,000, an increase of almost £2,000 on last year.

Which? has reported that smaller energy companies have topped the customer service ratings beating the big six for the fourth year in a row, with Ecotricity getting the highest score, and Npower the lowest.

Real Madrid has once again come first in the Deloitte football rich list. With a revenue growth of £23m, it's the 10th straight year the club has topped the list. If football finances are your bag, then have a chew on this piece on financial fair play.

The Bank of England reports that consumer borrowing has reached an almost seven-year high as new car sales last year hit a 10-year peak of 2.47 million, 75% of which were bought with a loan.

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