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Image of the Tower House
Plush: Jimmy Page's gaff (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
"Believe it or not, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and Rudebox hitmaker Robbie Williams live next-door to each other in a posh part of west London"
  • | by Kristian Dando

Ever fancied writing a sitcom? The Money Shot has. But it feels like everything's been done before.

We’ve already had hapless priests, bitter Norwich-based media personalities, socially awkward IT technicians, affluent singletons from New York, tragic office workers in Slough… the list goes on.

So, how’s this for a concept? A grizzled 1970s rocker and a hell-raising pop star-turned-UFO enthusiast move in next door to each other… with hilarious results! But it turns out this one is actually unfolding in real life as we speak.

Believe it or not, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and Rudebox hitmaker Robbie Williams live next-door to each other in a posh part of west London, and a neighbourly spat has erupted between the two chart-straddling behemoths over some proposed alterations to Robbie’s pad.

The gurning ex-Take That funster intends to install a lift and recording studio in his 46-bedroom mansion. But Jimmy has other ideas, and has written a terse letter to his local council to put a stop to it.

"I have been responsible for the protection of the Tower House [the incredible grade I listed building Page owns] for over 40 years and I am always concerned when proposals are made for nearby properties which may be detrimental to the well-being of this important heritage asset,” harrumphed the Moby Dick axe-wielder, wearing an expression redolent of Victor Meldrew at his most peeved.

Kensington and Chelsea Council has yet to rule on the planned work, but whatever the outcome, expect some frosty exchanges when Jimmy and the Robster both pop out to collect their milk and daily papers in the morning.

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