The money shot: love and catastrophe

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After a few quick games at Hollywood Bowl followed by a crafty Chiquito's, Michelle would surely be putty in Gavin's hands
"if you’re planning on getting down to a spot of serious tailgating this 14 February, put those plans on ice now"
  • | by Kristian Dando

Some Friday mornings the Money Shot finds itself rooting around its inbox, like a ravenous wild boar snuffling desperately for truffles, to cobble together material for a half-decent salvo of hot financial news. This week is definitely not one of them.

That’s because it’s a double whammy of noteworthy (no, seriously) days, what with it being Friday the 13th today and Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Unless you’re reading this on Saturday morning (and hey, why wouldn’t you be?) in which case it was Friday the 13th yesterday and Valentine’s Day today. In which case, happy Valentine’s Day!

We’ve spoken about Friday 13th before – namely, how insurance giant Aviva reported a coinci-MENTAL 13% spike in car insurance claims on the supposedly unlucky day. How about that?

Well, in a neat segue, it turns out that driving like a wally is a sure-fire way to put the proverbial dampers on your Valentine’s Day passions. A pant-tightening bit of research from Nationwide Insurance found that 29% of women were turned off by angry driving, while 28% of them were unimpressed by men moving too fast… BEHIND THE WHEEL, THAT IS!

And if you’re planning on getting down to a spot of serious tailgating this 14 February, put those plans on ice now – 18% of female respondents to Nationwide’s surveys admitted that drifting too close to another driver’s rear end was a sure-fire way to put them off.

“Not only are bad driving habits frustrating our nearest and dearest, they’re also a potential safety hazard – with driving too fast, braking at the last minute, not paying attention to the road and tailgating posing a real and present danger on the road,” Martyn Dyson, Nationwide’s head of general insurance, cooed amorously.

“This is why it’s essential to have good quality car insurance with the appropriate level of cover should the worst happen. Without it, bad drivers could be left with an expensive repair bill and a spare cinema ticket.”

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