The Money Shot: have we all gone hipster?

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Tristan had a first-class master's degree in brooding
"As more microbreweries emerge the craft beer scene will continue to snowball beyond its initial cult following which is exactly what we've seen happen," Bradley Cummings, Tiny Rebel Brewery
  • | by Abbie Laughton-Coles

So what have you been putting in your shopping trolley recently? Not that we're nosy... well, maybe a little bit.

We're just interested, as going on the 2015 'shopping basket' from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), we're a nation of 'mun'-sporting, American Apparel-wearing hipsters.

"What is this basket," I hear you ask. Well, it's a metaphorical 'hamper' filled to the brim with goods and services based on our spending habits, and it's used to help measure UK inflation.

This year, gone are the braising steaks, sat-navs and yoghurt drinks from days of yore, replaced with e-cigarettes, music streaming subscriptions and craft beers.

We got on the blower to Bradley Cummins, the co-founder and director of award-winning artisan ale company Tiny Rebel Brewery to get his take on craft beer being added to the ONS shopping basket.

He opined: "Craft beer has become a growing trend for a few reasons: culture, drinking habits, quality and availability. Beer has become a talking point and is now as much of a reason to go out or stay in as good company or conversation. As more microbreweries emerge the craft beer scene will continue to snowball beyond its initial cult following which is exactly what we've seen happen here at Tiny Rebel over the past three years."

We're also spending more time pumping iron, with protein powder and headphones making an appearance. You've got to make sure you look stylish when listening to Spotify on the StairMaster, after all.

Our homes have got jazzier over the past year as well, with white emulsion paint given the heave-ho and multi-coloured choices being slipped into the rather heavy basket of 703 items. (This is where the protein powder comes in handy, presumably...)

There are also some more subtle changes in the food department with frozen pizzas thrown unceremoniously aside to make way for… chilled pizza. The big difference? We're not so sure. But it could show a shift from the stylings of Dr Oetker to a more 'artisan' option.

So, there's no two ways about it: according to the ONS you're likely to spy someone taking a tasteful photo of their pale ale for Instagram, while doing bicep curls and snacking on sweet potato chips this year. But here at the Money Shot we have no qualms with that... we'll just keep our freezer drawer full of Goodfella's deep pan meat feasts on the down-low. Shhh…

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