Expert view – collective energy switching

Jeremy Cryer is all hyped-up about collective energy switching
"Collective switching is a truly revolutionary way of changing your energy supplier"
  • | by Jeremy Cryer

“Side by side, hand in hand, we all stand together,” crooned Paul McCartney, backed by a horde of animated amphibians, in his 1983 hit ‘We All Stand Together’.

Admittedly, that particular ditty might not be  amongst ‘Macca’s’ finest work, but the ex-Beatle and the Frog Chorus might just have been on to something. When it comes to energy, it turns out that standing together with other consumers could make for much better deals, thanks to something known as collective switching.

Collective switching is a truly revolutionary way of changing your energy supplier and we’ll be launching it from 1 June on, through our hugely exciting new Gocollective service.

But how does it work?

Well, just think about the way supermarket chains use their colossal purchasing power to negotiate better deals with suppliers. That’s similar to the way that collective switching operates, using the power of a large consumer group to negotiate a deal that may be better than anything available on the open market.

It turns the traditional process of switching energy completely on its head – rather than the onus being on you to find a better deal, the energy companies have to actively compete for you and your fellow consumers’ business. It’s in their interests to do so – in a highly competitive market, it makes sense for them to welcome tens of thousands of customers into the fold at once.

So, how, can you get involved? It’s really very simple. You register your interest for free with some basic details about where you live and your gas and electricity usage. We’ll then go to the energy companies with our partners, Energy Helpline, and invite them to cut a deal for you and thousands of other customers.

We’ll negotiate, return with the best deal possible and offer it to you. You’ll then have a window (usually around three or four weeks) in which to decide whether to switch or not. There’s no obligation to do so and you can still shop around elsewhere on your own.

Customers love it because they can potentially get a better deal than if they were just switching on their own. Energy companies love it because they can get thousands of people onto their books in one swoop. We love it because it could potentially save a lot of people money, and that’s what makes us happy at Gocompare Towers - almost as happy as those frogs in that Paul McCartney video…