The Money Shot: nobody puts baby in the corner

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Captain Whiskers couldn't help but think his new rental property was a little too cosy (Photo: Imgur)
"If you've been scouring London for a pad that allows you to grab some shut-eye while a stranger is knocking up some grub a couple of paces away, you need look no further…"
  • | by Abbie Laughton-Coles

London, where the streets are paved with gold and dreams really do come true. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere... or is that New York? We forget. Anyway if your fantasy is to pay out the wazoo to squat in the corner of someone's kitchen in the big smoke, this could be your lucky day.

An advertisement on flat-share website Spareroom was thrust into the spotlight this week as it appeared to offer a single fold-down bed located within mere feet of a breakfast bar. And the price for this incredibly appealing proposal in Kingston-upon-Thames? A meagre £400 per month.

An image of the sad-looking leopard-print bed posted by Spareroom user 'Joe', was accompanied by a startling description stating: "Single bed to rent in kitchen/lounge area. All bills included. PLEASE notice is not a room. Is a single bed in shared kitchen, you can use your own entrance from the garden, if you wish." How very accommodating of you, 'Joe'.

So it would appear if you've been scouring London for a pad that allows you to grab some shut-eye while a stranger is knocking up some grub a couple of paces away, this is your dream home…

Alas, we're afraid your search must continue, as it's been revealed that a very confused friend of 'Joe' had accidently put up the wrong photo and wrong details on the site while he was away. A very befuddled 'Joe', real name Joeallan Maremi, blamed it all on miscommunication. Sounds legit.

This slightly bizarre story got us to thinking though, what would £400 a month get you elsewhere in the UK?

I'm glad you asked, let's take a look…

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