The Money Shot: man up

Image of a cave painting
An example of some early man cave paintings
"The man mansion has a Viking-esque vibe and comes fully equipped with all the essentials: a weapon rack, potion laboratory and armour"
  • | by Abbie Laughton-Coles

Today we're answering the age old question 'what do you get the man that has everything?'

The answer used to be a novelty tie or bottle of wine from the local offie (as long as it's above £5 so you don't look cheap). But Tyler Kirkham of Utah has raised the bar quite considerably with a gift he gave to himself… a $50,000, or just over £32,000 to us British folk, man cave.

For most, the phrase 'man cave' will conjure up the image of a dark and dingy room, scattered with pizza boxes where menfolk high five after blowing a zombie's head off on the Xbox, but Kirkham has seriously upped the ante. The 32-year-old comic book artist, who has worked on the likes of X-Men and Tomb Raider, transformed his basement in a mere three years to his very own idea of paradise.

Inspired by a video game series called the Elder Scrolls, the man mansion has a Viking-esque vibe and comes fully equipped with all the essentials: a weapon rack, potion laboratory and armour.

It also of course has some of the more conventional features of a traditional man cave, like a ginormous home cinema costing close to £13,000 and a pool table. Unfortunately this wasn't the kind of pool that wife Jill was thinking of: "With all the money we've put into finishing the basement, maybe we could have divvied it up and put in a pool in the backyard."

But who needs a relaxing, fun for the whole family swimming pool when you've got over £5,000 worth of stone masonry and a secret passageway hidden behind a bookcase. Kirkham did spare a thought for his one-year-old when building his Viking retreat though, making sure that he assigned him his very own alcove – what a lucky boy.

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