The Money Shot: portable toilets and damp socks

A crowd of people at a music festival
Shaky was still more than capable of whipping the crowd into a frenzy
"If you're driving and have a spare space you could consider car sharing, if you don't mind smelly strangers stinking out your car out on the way back"
  • | by Emily Bater

You're either a festival person, or you're not.

Watching Glastonbury on the telly this weekend, most of us will see our idea of heaven or hell; camping, amazing music, a constant party atmosphere and lots of happy people. Or, rather, camping, loud music, foul toilets and lots of annoyingly happy people.

While the Money Shot can't think of anything better than spending a few days outdoors listening to music, there was one incident with a portable toilet and a pair of inescapable shorts which almost put it off them for life. And don't ask about the time someone 'relieved themself' on a friend's head.

Four people wearing wellies in a muddy field

Whether you love getting a bit muddy or wouldn't don a pair of wellies in a million years, there's no denying that festivals are big business.

Thousands of us spend our hard-earned cash heading to the idyllic fields of Somerset, the Isle of Wight and... err, Reading every year. And at around £200 for a weekend ticket, they're not cheap.

So, here are a few quick-and-easy ways to save while still living it large at a festival…

  • Food at festivals can be extortionate. But if you look around, there are often cheaper options and sometimes even free meals available.
  • If you want to save a bit of cash, it's a good idea to pack enough food – cereal bars, fruit, crisps and juice cartons – to keep you going for breakfast and during acts.
  • Remember odds and ends like a cheap mobile phone, batteries, face wipes and hand sanitiser, as you'll pay a premium if you have to buy them on the festival grounds.
  • Some festival goers can't resist spending even more on the luxuries. A fancy pair of Hunter wellies will set you back a whopping £95, but this pair of Dunlop wellies will keep your feet dry and only cost a tenner.
  • Carry your own water bottle rather than buying bottled – it's important to stay hydrated, after all.
  • If you're driving and have a spare space you could consider car sharing, if you don't mind smelly strangers stinking out your car out on the way back.
  • Covered's own Kristian Dando recommends taking a box of red wine – "It's bang for your buck and one of the few beverages that tastes better warm," he opines.
  • If you're a dab hand at writing, blogging, video or photography then getting an assignment to cover a festival is great way to get in free.
  • And a bonus tip – always pack more socks than you think you need. Trust us, your feet will be grateful by Monday.

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News in brief

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Money Shot letters


I enjoyed last week's piece on unheralded seaside towns, but can't help but think you missed a trick by omitting Cleethorpes.

With an average property price of just £122,000 and all the attractions of Grimsby just around the corner, it really is worth a look if you're to get a slice of seaside living on a budget.

Warm regards

Overlooked, Clacton

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