The Money Shot: any chance of an upgrade?

A child on an aeroplane
Mildred was biding her time until 30,000 feet, when the seat kicking and renditions of 'Let it go' would commence
"A quarter of us would drop a ton on a child-free section"
  • | by Derri Dunn

The end of July, the great British holiday season’s in full swing, and we all know what that means…

Gridlock on the motorways! Backlog at the ports! Pandemonium at the airports!

With the latter, we all dream of batting our eyelashes and scoring a cheeky upgrade to whisk us past the queues and into the plane’s palatial business class saloon.

The sad reality is very few of us ever score a freebie upgrade and many of us don’t reckon it’s worth paying through the nose for some canapes and a free newspaper. But has been finding out what you would drop £100 on to improve your in-flight experience.

Basically, the research reveals we’re a po-faced bunch, with noise being one of the biggest irritant for many. A quarter of us would drop a ton on a child-free section and 14% fancy a quiet area free from mobiles, tablets and games consoles. A particularly intolerant 14% would want even talking outlawed in the vicinity of their seating.

It turns out we’re also quite greedy while at altitude, with a whopping 30% wanting to get their money’s worth for that £100 with unlimited food and drink on their flight. Yet 11% would instead pay £100 to be seated away from overweight passengers – there’s an irony in there somewhere.

A salacious 9% would fork out to have attractive cabin crew, but this figure rose to 24% in the randy 18-24-year-old age group.

Yet perhaps most alarming were the nervous 11% who wanted to sit by an emergency exit and the positively paranoid 14% who’d pay to have their own private parachute.

Quite frankly, if you’re that worried about going on holiday, perhaps you’d be better off sticking to staycations.

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Money Shot Letters


I was intrigued by last week's Money Shot in which alternative representations of the home nations on bank notes were discussed. May I offer another illustrative option, in the form of dogs?

Picture it: a Scottish terrier, a Cardigan Welsh corgi, a (Northern) Irish wolfhound and an old English sheepdog tastefully adorning our notes. It would be wonderful.

You could even throw in a Manx cat just for good measure.

Warm regards,

Barry Lightfoot, Cheltenham

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