The Money Shot: half-baked schemes

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Ours never turn out like this...
"Much like the shocking 'bingate' episode of last series, there's a new sugary storm sweeping through the bake-off tent, as it would seem that someone has been kneading the figures"
  • | by Abbie Laughton-Coles

Don your comedy apron, get the spatula to hand and preheat the oven to 'hot-hot-HOT!' because the behemoth of baking shows is back, and it's already been hit by its first controversy…

If you're a fan of mild-mannered TV where the most perilous thing to happen is a soggy bottom, then you're probably already hooked on this year's Great British Bake Off. It would seem you're in good company too. In fact, so beloved is the programme that a whopping 12.3 million viewers tuned in to see the winner crowned last year.

However, much like the shocking 'bin gate' of last series, there's a new sugary storm sweeping through the Bake Off tent. It would seem that someone has been kneading the figures. Intrigued? We shall continue.

All betting has been suspended on the Bake Off following some unusual activity surrounding who'll be named the victor.

Apparently there's been far more than just a sprinkling of money put on one particular contestant in this year's line-up, especially in the town of Ipswich (hotbed of notorious cake crime). So much so that bookies fear that it may be a little more than just a hunch, especially since the majority were the maximum value bets bookies would take. Highly suspicious, we think you'll agree.

A spokesman for Ladbrokes said: "When you see a run of bets like this for one contestant at the expense of everyone else, that can be a sign to suspend betting for a bit to assess the situation, and that's exactly what we did."

We say that this behaviour just takes the biscuit and the Bake Off shouldn't be about winning money – it's about watching someone triumphantly sculpt meringue into the shape of a swan as a tear of pride runs down their cheek… we promise we'll get a life soon.

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News in brief

Disney missed its revenue expectations for the first time in eight quarters, making $100m less than projected. Time to bring out Frozen 2, we reckon.

It's a different case altogether for Fitbit though – the health-orientated wearable tech firm's revenue has tripled as more people join the #gaintrain.

An amateur radio enthusiast from Gloucestershire has made contact with an American astronaut on the International Space Station from his garden shed. Now that's out of this world!

Robert Downey Jr has been named the world's highest-paid actor by American business organ Forbes, raking in $80m last year. The highest-placed British star on the list is Daniel Craig, in 15th place, who trousered a trunk-bulging $27m.

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Money Shot letters

Dear Sir/Madam,

After reading last week's delightful edition of the Money Shot concerning flight upgrades, I felt the urge to write in and share which option I would plump for.

Although it was a tough choice (and I wouldn't say no to cabin crew who are a little easier on the eye), I would have to go for the unlimited food and drink choice. As I write this I can imagine myself relaxing aboard a Boeing 747, adorned in my favourite holiday kaftan, a mimosa in one hand and a platter of mini quiches atop my fold down table. Heaven.

Yours blissfully,

Babs Green, Harlow, Essex

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