The Money Shot: a spooky special

A sinister pumpkin, yesterday
"It’s Halloween. And that can only mean one thing – high spirited antics, and plenty of them"
  • | by Kristian Dando

Can you hear that? The distant cackle of Vincent Price? The echoing refrain of the Monster Mash?  The clickety-clack of a thousand HR managers’ fingertips primly typing office-wide emails regarding off-colour outfits and pranks which have “gone that one step too far”?

Yes, it’s Halloween. And that can only mean one thing – high spirited antics, and plenty of them.

Unfortunately, Halloween, and it’s bangy, whizzy cousin Bonfire Night usually mean that a few scoundrels use it as an excuse to make life difficult for the rest of us.

In fact, global finance juggernaut Santander deployed the unwelcome news this week that this week – which will take in Mischief Night (AKA ‘Mizzy Night’, the night before Halloween), All Hallows’ Eve and Bonfire Night have done a total of £1.4bn damage to British houses in the past. A fifth of homes have been damaged, with the average repair or replacement bill coming in at £273. Yikes!

Richard Al-Dabbagh from Santander Insurance, pondered: "Halloween and Bonfire Night should be about light-hearted family fun, but unfortunately this can often bring with it accidents and antisocial behaviour.

"We would advise all homeowners to make sure that the main entrances to their homes are secure, and to make the property look occupied, even if it isn't. For peace of mind and to minimise the inconvenience if any damage is caused, we also urge people to keep their property and possessions protected with comprehensive home insurance."

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News in brief

A whole bunch of energy tariffs are coming to an end – find out if yours is one of them.

The Nationwide Building Society reckons that the average price of a house in Britain will soon pass £200,000 (fun fact: in London, the average property price is already £500,000).

The site selling tickets for J.K Rowling’s new play set in the Harry Potter universe buckled under the strain of traffic when seats went on sale, leaving fans positively seething.

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Covered mag letters


I feel compelled to write a missive to the Money Shot this weekend, in regards to last week’s warning on so-called email scams.

I bemoan modern society’s descent into its current, paranoid, untrusting and jaded state. It seems that many people are all too happy to shut the door on opportunity when it comes unexpectedly knocking.

I am eagerly awaiting my consignment of ‘blue male enhancement pills’ which were offered to me at a very favourable below-market rate by an unsolicited online trader the other day.

I suggest your readers show similar open-mindedness the next time such a tantalising offer drops into their laps.

Yours in rapt anticipation,

Jimmy Rigid, Pontypool

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