The Money Shot: carrier bag drama

Woman carrying a carrier bag
Kirsty couldn't wait to get her new carrier bag home and try it on
"The number of plastic bags given out in Wales has dropped by 71%, and it's hoped the same will happen over the other side of the border"
  • | by Emily Bater

You'd be forgiven for thinking the world was ending this week when English shoppers were forced to start paying 5p for carrier bags.

In fact an American religious group did predict a fiery end for us puny humans, but not because of the aforementioned charge. We're still all here, and carrier bags still cost 5p. 

From the usual suspects (ahem, the Daily Mail) to social media, many people were coming to the realisation that they'll have to pay for bags from now on and getting on their high horse.

The Money Shot applauds those who saw the introduction as an opportunity to (tenuously) make a bit of cash…

Here at Covered HQ we've been carrying our shopping in our arms and buying bags for life since 2011, when Wales blazed a trail and started charging for bags. Northern Ireland and Scotland followed in 2013 and 2014. 

The number of plastic bags given out in Wales has dropped by 71%, and it's hoped the same will happen over the other side of the border.

If you've been pondering how you'll now transport your new pet goldfish home, fear not – just as in Wales, the English rules have a raft of exemptions.

So if you buy raw meat or fish you'll get a free bag, as will people buying fresh flowers, fish and chips or prescription medicines.

Here are a few tips from people who've been making do with the carrier charge for many years...

  • Carry your shopping in your arms like a baby
  • Buy less stuff
  • Invest in a granny trolley
  • Start a shopping relay team and share your bags with friends
  • Hire a monkey to carry your shopping for you
  • And finally… remember your bags!

How will you handle the new charges? Have you already got enough carrier bags to last a lifetime? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter


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Perhaps you could publish this letter to your readers, as not only is it an effective method of discouraging cold callers, but it may reacquaint them with our Lord and Saviour and save them from their sure damnation.


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