The Money Shot: they see me trolling

Image of a troll doll
Warning! Don't feed the trolls.
"Insurance provider Chubb is offering customers a new 'troll insurance' product. But this isn't cover for plagues of ogre-like beasts"
  • | by Abbie Laughton-Coles

Once upon a time, the troll was simply a creature of fairy tales, living a solitary life cramped under a bridge, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting billy goats.

So imagine the Money Shot's surprise when we discovered you can now take insurance specifically against trolls.

Insurance provider Chubb is offering customers a new so-called 'troll insurance' product as part of its cyber bullying cover which was launched last month.

But this isn't cover for plagues of ogre-like beasts. It's actually for internet trolls.

However, it's cover for activities a little darker than people incessantly tweeting celebrities with outlandish remarks, eagerly rubbing their hands with glee as they wait for them to bite. We're talking cyber bullying territory.

So what will it actually pay out for?

Well, it's aimed primarily at parents who are worried about what their kids get up to online. The policy provides up to £50,000 worth of cover which can help to pay for counselling and even having to temporarily move due to harassment online.

For adults it can include covering the cost of losing your job or being absent from work for a prolonged period. It could even enter CSI territory with a digital forensic specialists being hired to trace the offending cyber bully and bring them to justice.

Here at Covered mag, we would like to reclaim the term 'troll' for the more gentle incidences of online banter.

Trolling isn't about intimidating, threatening or verbally abusing victims online – it's about metaphorically casting out your trolling fishing rod, with bait in the form of a juicy provocative statement. Then just waiting for someone to feverishly eat it up and become so incensed with rage or disbelief that they reply or take your extremely questionable advice as gospel.

We point you towards the case of using a microwave to charge your iPhone which originated last year on the mother of all troll lairs, 4chan, or the time-tested practice of rick-rolling.

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News in brief

Sports Direct has faced accusations of paying its workers less than the minimum wage due to the extra time spent searching them on their way of their warehouses after an undercover report from the Guardian.

Getting older has never looked so good with over-65s officially being wealthier than under-45s according to the Office for National Statistics.

Serial binge-watchers rejoice! Netflix, Now TV and Amazon Video are to be portable across Europe by 2017. So you could be watching House of Cards while basking in the sunshine in Italy… living the dream.

We shed a tear for Britain's libraries which have seen a fall in visits by 14% since 2010 after their funding was cut by £180m.

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Money Shot letters

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was rather upset to read that my favourite discount store is in a spot of bother in a previous Money Shot. As a loyal Poundland customer and loom band enthusiast it was a double blow. For me loom bands aren't a craze, they're a way of life and they're definitely not just for the youth.

In fact my family and friends can look forward to artistic sculptures made entirely of them for Christmas. I'm convinced that the life sized replica of my sister's beagle Bernie is something to behold with wonder and astonishment.

Hopefully we'll see a resurgence in my favourite medium of artistry and a boost to Poundland sales very soon. I for one will be proudly showing off my skills on social media to inspire the next generation of loomers.


Lilly Ellington, Great Yarmouth

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