The Money Shot: the price of pink

Image of a magnificent pink rose
Pink to make the girls wink... and then charge them for it
"Tesco were found to be charging twice as much for disposable razors for women because they were – yes you guessed it – pink!"
  • | by Abbie Laughton-Coles

The gender pay gap is, alas, still very much alive and kicking in 2016. And to add insult to injury, females of the UK are being royally fleeced on the high street too.

Research by the Times has revealed women are being charged up to double the amount as men for near-identical products.

Now understandably this would irk even the most even-tempered individual. Being paid less and charged more than men for everyday items is just backwards.

However, it gets worse.

In a number of cases it was simply the unelected colour of womankind (pink, of course) which provided the reason for the price difference.

Tesco was found to be charging twice as much for disposable razors for women because they were – yes, you guessed it – pink!

Even parents can be forced to pay extra for having a daughter, with Argos charging £5 more for a girl's scooter because of its rosy hue.

But stationary manufacturer Bic really took the biscuit, using the pink excuse on their 'For Her' range of ballpoint pens. 

Apparently, the company continues to believe that women everywhere are struggling to hold man-sized pens with their tiny, dainty hands, so are charging £2.99 for the slim-line versions, which are pink (naturally).

Since you ask, standard black versions retail for £1.98.

Lest we forget Bic produced a facepalm-tastic advert in 2012 for the range in South Africa, which featured the slogan "Look like a girl. Act like a lady. Think like a man. Work like a boss."

So what should be done about this 'sexist surcharge'?

Well, as it will inevitably take an age before any real change is seen on the high street, vote with your wallet and opt for a gender neutral colour product. Pink is so last season anyway.

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